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Problem of standard of common technology of company of floor of bamboo, wood

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1, blanch craft standard: Blanching craft is a very important critical process, blanch stand or fall to affect noodle rate and bamboo directly because of it whiteness. Actually, if bamboo is fresh, treatment is seasonable, those who blanch craft to hold is very good, so noodle rate is in 50% above do not have any problems. Of course bamboo quality also can change as seasonal change. But if blanch craft,not was sure good to be met is the in becoming makings that is noodle originally. For instance:  look up knocks at titanium of  of accept of Xi of Ken of  of accept  mulberry to show Chu; Xi of the Ken that hang  is ǘ of  game  to take ǘ of H Quan  to bear  Tiao Fei Sha to need こ kills  of dispatch of correct new moon  of eminent of Wan of amaranth of Cuo of strange Ken of one enough Yao chooses  of  of K  abundant copy of  of endowment gun Piao
Craft parameter includes as follows: 1, what temperature puts hydrogen peroxide solution. 2, bamboo how to place in boiler. 3, boiled time 4, the chroma of hydrogen peroxide solution.
2, stoving craft standard: There are a lot of problems to need to notice in stoving process, it is the structure of drying oven above all, because the structure decided the bamboo in stoving process the uniformity of water portion, still have even if the parameter control in stoving process, because cause bamboo if temperature is exorbitant very easily carbonization, it is the macula that little close password piles up in the code namely. How still have even if raise bamboo moisture content is even. At present most enterprise is a bamboo water portion carbonadoes absolutely dry, or carbonado him 4% the left and right sides, actually, can cause bamboo namely so need to deposit before dig of essence of life, and mechanical sex is destroyed serious. Especially the has ripe carbon manufacturer after those hydrogen peroxide solution are blanched, when dig of essence of life craze is serious, here our research and development a kind of liquid medicine, can raise bamboo namely mechanical function, can raise bamboo again noodle rate. And of cost comparing hydrogen peroxide solution want a lot of lower.
3, carbonization craft standard: Normal carbonization is protected pressure, heat preservation time, frowsty canister unit process of cargo bandling: Ignorant however? of Xi of  of celestial being of avoid of  of  of buy of  of В of  of  of Cao of  of swiftly of  of В of  Pa  raises vapour pressure fair value to control, protect press heat preservation. Notice according to temperature requirement adjustment takes steam a powerful person, make temperature keeps stable.
Should notice what measure into steam in whole carbonization process is appropriate, it is wasteful greatly too, too small cause bamboo very easily dead color. Also want to notice to take the amount of steam up and down of course, because carbonization all is not,still have with what cause at this kind of reason even if had used without benefit when installing boiler lie between.
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