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Quality of laid of floor of detailed solution real wood is acceptable national l

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  One, laid quality checks and accept a standard
Standard of wooden floor laid should be accumulated from bedding face, size of the flatness, flatness of connection of chamfer of two floors rabbet, tenon, aperture undertakes checking and accept.
(The bedding face after 1) laid accumulates flatness
Determine method:
If not have,use range estimation normally apparently rugged can. If have special demand, essence of life is measured can use 2m straightedge, its check a method: Rely on 2m feet buy ground clingy into horizontal shape, rely on feet to be apart from the biggest from the ground in 2m next, fill in feet of a place of strategic importance, the value that the quantity gives is less than afore-mentioned data to be qualification namely (the test nods every room to not be less than two place) .
(Height of 2) joining together is poor
Joining together height is poor, it is two floors joining together hind, the difference of on any account. WB/1016 presses after laid -- 2002 standards: Mu Fu of 0.6mm of ≤ of real wood floor adds up to floor ≤ 0.2mm.
Determine method:
Use range estimation normally or use sufficient measure, namely sufficient walk on the floor not to have apparently high ground can, if have special demand, beard essence is measured, feet of usable short board sticks floor surface continuously, rule of a place of strategic importance a place of strategic importance joins the largest from the ground space to manage gotten value, be worth for the test namely (in checking, every room also must) of two place above.
(Aperture of 3) joining together
Joining together aperture shows floor of two single block spells the space that leaves each other after outfit namely, call joining together aperture. Value of size of joining together aperture is measured, use value of width of joining together aperture to measure, the WB/1016 that releases by commission of national economy trade -- 2002 standards are: 0.4mm of ≤ of compound floor of 0.6mm of ≤ of real wood floor
Determine method:
Use range estimation normally, without apparent aperture. If dry and seasonal laid, during be being opened like Beijing central heating, laid asks cannot too close together, lest when monsoon, be tightened too and produce another limitation -- since arch. Determine accurately can use feet of a place of strategic importance to fill in, aperture surpasses the establish of a norms place bid mediumly, can be informed aperture value.
(1) so wooden floor grass-roots unit is checked and accept, should achieve before construction of wooden floor facing check and accept eligible ability laid;
(2) the facing of wooden floor is checked and accept, should be in after complete inside 3 days check and accept, the person that exceed is pressed guarantee the facing inside its checks and accept a standard.
   2, real wood floor guarantees test gauge of the facing inside its model
1, facing flatness
Laid facing flatness should achieve: 6mm of ≤ of real wood floor; Solid Mu Fu adds up to floor ≤ 3mm.
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