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How to fix a floor whether environmental protection

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The floor basically decorates material and the position in decorate as what the family decorates, take seriously for people place more and more. Choosing case of decorous, close zephyr while, people is valued more to the environmental protection function of the floor and the environmental protection index that suit to it.
In the floor market of good and evil people mixed up, full of beautiful things in eyes, how to decide what is environmental protection floor? The decision index of floor environmental protection " does formaldehyde release a quantity " what be?
   Formaldehyde releases quantity state level
Domestic formaldehyde releases a quantity detect the method has 3 kinds: Law of case of perforative abrupt take as one's model, climate and desiccator law, among them desiccator law is most can accurate the test method that reflects performance of floor environmental protection, also be the content that new GB carries out.
New in July 2002 GB sets: Floor formaldehyde releases a quantity to be less than or be equal to 1.5mg / L to set to accord with new GB namely, accord with health of indoor environmental protection to ask.
   Detect of the report contain Troy
Detect the directest data that the report is index of reflective floor environmental protection, when buying a floor board accordingly, total meeting takes out floor trader to differ detect the report that the orgnaization opens mark to formaldehyde releases a quantity is only, mark wears some likelihoods 0.08mg / M3, mark has some possibilities 0.8mg / L, content of these two formaldehyde detects the numeric unit that report sheet records is different, after all who more Where is environmental protection? Look be like former, actually 0.8mg / L more environmental protection.
Before July 2002, formaldehyde releases a quantity to express the differring of the unit, brought many troubles to floor of people choose and buy. New in July 2002 GB begins formally to carry out, all formaldehyde release a quantity to did not achieve new GB to set requirement or the floor that detect without new GB, all can be inspected to be the same as floor of blame environmental protection.
Accordingly, you are completely OK ask to come according to the regulation of new GB floor of environmental protection of choose and buy, in order to reduce needless trouble.
Of the floor detect the report presses detect the category can divide for: The country is supervised selective examination, entrust sampling observation, send check. The country is supervised selective examination show national quality is supervised, detect the orgnaization is fixed, nonsked have spot check to the floor product that sells on the market, announce in media detect result, supervise and urge unqualified floor product improves quality.
Entrusting sampling observation is floor company invites national quality actively to supervise, detect product of all to its stock undertakes the orgnaization the form of self-discipline of a kind of enterprise of random spot check, those who reach detect the report reflected this brand quality in the round.
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