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Floor industry competition is very intense environmental protection concept stil

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Environmental protection problem still feels swimmy
On the environmental protection problem of the floor, the consciousness of consumer has gone in front of of the manufacturer it seems that. Environmental protection problem has sold a site from what a market acclaims, turned a product into essential condition. But the reporter discovers in visit, the problem of the concerned environmental protection that most salesperson offers to consumer appears unmindful, some just say generally, their product is E0 class completely, as to specific technology, said more no longer with the respect such as makings. The salesperson that has an entrance brand just says simply, environmental protection standard of Europe and manufacturing technology are overall should compare country a few taller, but as to say high to be clear about not quite in where.
The management that indicates about green environmental protection is very not normative also. The salesperson that has a famous brand tells a reporter, cannot see on the floor environmental protection indicates at all, there just is relevant sign on the box that pack a little, some is done not have.
In fact, concerned branch is establishing the standard of concerned environmental protection of interior decoration all the time. Total bureau of national qualitative check recently basis " interior decoration decorates material set limit to of 10 kinds of harmful material " the regulation of national level, prohibit the sale of 10 kinds of poisonous building materials.
These 10 kinds are controlled strictly the building materials of harmful material content includes: Man-made board and its goods, inside wall paint, solvent carpentry coating, adhesive, carpet and carpet use furniture of adhesive, wallpaper, wood, pvc to coil radionuclide of additive of material floor, concrete, housing materials. National level is right all and indoor the formaldehyde in decorating material, volatile organic compound (the content of the poisonous contaminant such as ester of 2 different cyanic acid, lead, cadmium, mercuric, arsenic made VOC) , benzene, toluene, xylene, toluene set strictly. Henceforth, always the housing materials that content of the formaldehyde in housing materials, benzene closes nevertheless cannot appear in the market.
Be like again, national forestry bureau this year make known to lower levels " level of state of floor of wood of paint facing lamination " . Lacquer face floor has crural feeling good, noise low, wear-resisting, brightness is bit more advanced, but the recipe of paint is more exquisite, need a few special technologies. Of this standard coming on stage also is to solve the problem that is put in product quality the good and bad are intermingled at present. But these standards and standard are fulfilled mediumly in the market, still remain to be strengthened further.

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