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Aggrandizement floor new standard will be carried out formally on May 1

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The aggrandizement floor new standard that gets attention fully comes on stage, since May 1 will carry out new check mark formally to allow, each index will is close to or achieve Europe even international standard.
However the reporter discovers in interview yesterday, the production that a lot of floor enterprises that the area watersides south did not feel to new regulation gives them however brings how many pressure. A when industry of world friendly timber watersides south relevant chief says to the reporter, new regulation published them to had been learned. New standard basically is opposite mark of the static music intensity of wear-resisting of aggrandizement floor surface, base material, check allows to waited for a respect to make new regulation, decided equipment gets the E0 level of controversy at the same time. New standard sets, formaldehyde releases a quantity under or be equal to 0.5mg/L can call E0 form product.
In addition, according to the requirement, after since May 1 new standard is carried out, detect the aggrandizement wood floor to the sale carries out sectional general to examine newly standard. Before because their enterprise is in,new rule comes on stage surely, the product is to press European standard mostly, or mark of prep above Europe will produce, do not worry about the quality problem of the product so. Also because such, of new standard come on stage to be affected to the production of the enterprise not big. Contrary to quality of further normative trade, optimize industry structure to still can rise to urge action.
The impact that the controller that association of Na Xun floor surnames the Song Dynasty also thinks new rule is brought to enterprise of Na Xunmu floor should be not big. This chief says, the product that as a result of Na Xun the floor company place of the area produces is numerous, and aggrandizement floor is only among them one of. And what new regulation basically is aimed at still is aggrandizement floor this one is phyletic, so above all percussive range is narrower. On the other hand, through these year develop, na Xun area is current quality of product of company of many 400 floor had had revolutionary development, this should be offerred to new standard for whole floor industry assure effectively.
In addition, the reporter learns, the meeting after be being carried out formally to make company owner can understand new standard to be in very much more brings those new influences to the enterprise. Na Xun area is industrial and commercial wait for what company owner and controller divide batch to be opposite already technically about the branch undertook for many times grooming, in order to deepen their understanding to new standard. A few enterprises for can better get used to new standard, bring an expert technically still from courtyard of Chinese forest division, to the enterprise production undertakes guidance.

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