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Celebrate conference of whole nation of level of 4 big countries to conclude sat

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Great event of Chinese floor industry
-- celebrate conference of whole nation of level of 4 big countries to conclude satisfactorily in Jiangsu Changzhou

Floor industry is having decisive place in the international market, with its massive spending upgrades to cooperate and be participated in what the market and wide industry development perspective are attracting world-class transnational corporation. Floor industry of China is holding position in Chinese market, how make floor market grows in China more expand, make enterprise implementation resource the biggest change, it is the meaning seat that we develop standard of this 4 big countries.
On December 30, 2007, GB appoint integrated [case of accredit of 2007]114 date file limited company is in charge of industry of Lin Saibao timber task of 4 GB formulate, content announced metric system of the 7th batch of states to trim plan, published floor industry 4 states level: Wear-resisting is compound real wood floor (plan number 20079662-T-432) ; Be able to bear or endure floor of water model wood (plan number 20079663-T-432) ; Flame retardant and compound floor (fire prevention) (plan number 20079667-T-432) ; Series of form a complete set of indoor floor whole (plan number 20079665-T-432) .
Wear-resisting is compound level of real wood floor: Saying to exceed floor of wear-resisting real wood again is heat up solid sex with macerate of multilayer and special paper amino colophony, shop outfit is in plywood or joinery board wait for surface of real wood base material to regard facing as the layer, the front adds wear-resisting layer, the reverse side adds balance layer, classics hot pressing machines the floor board that makes, it is floor of lamination of paper of a kind of new-style macerate. Have both the wear-resisting character of aggrandizement floor, and in achieve what facing increased while its foot feels comfortable to fight impact strength, wear-resisting to spend, and fire prevention. Because its save resource, wear-resisting, structure,the numerous advantage such as stability achieved favorable result in the market.
Be able to bear or endure level of floor of water wood model: Model wood (say again " wooden model " or " plastic wood " ) composite material, english name " WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITES " abbreviation WPS. Model Mu Fu combines material is to use reclaim plastic with wooden fiber (the natural fiber such as carapace of wooden pink, rice husk, wheat straw, earthnut) modified of course high polymer, with deserve to mix, squeeze an equipment to treatment is made or combine a kind of assorted composite material, have both plastic the main good point with lumber, can replace in a lot of circumstances plastic with lumber, it is a kind of environmental protection that provides development potential extremely new material.
Level of flame retardant and compound floor: Fire prevention floor basically applies high-tech to synthesize density board flame retardant material and flame retardant the floor that the real wood material after processing machines, basically use at the ground laid of institute of large and common yard.

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