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Conference of whole nation of level of 4 floors state is about to hold

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For each district of normative whole nation relevant enterprise produces congener product company or standard quality quantity, protocol of conference of whole nation of floor state level in September 2008 28 -- business affairs hotel is believed 29 days to hold in Jiangsu Changzhou. This the conference considers treasure wood employment by Changzhou city case forest limited company is sponsorred, two big units participate in institute of industry of lumber of academy of science of forestry of center of product quality supervision and inspection of national project composite material, China jointly. The conference will be chance with national level, the news that adopts 4 standards is released and conduct propaganda, industry of floor of main stimulative China flourishingly develop.
Of this conference holding is to drive with " energy-saving, environmental protection, safe " the rapid development of the industry of our country floor that is characteristic and rise, strengthen each business the communication between and communicate, devote oneself to to make complete floor industry chain, make to explain the innovation of Chinese floor industry, responsibility, consequence and impetus communicate and communicate in the round.
As we have learned, have environmental protection property be able to bear or endure floor of water model wood, yinjiji lumber and plastic at a suit, give priority to the characteristic of the problem with economy, environmental protection, be applied extensively at country and the area such as the United States, Europe, Japan. The flame retardant and compound floor board that has fire prevention function is the variety that just introduces from abroad in last few years, have be able to bear or endure very well strong sex and anti-flammability, can endure high-heeled shoes and the attrition with mobile desk and chair, can bear the weigh of cumbersome furniture, ability suffers the calcination of cigarette to wait. Exceeding wear-resisting solid Mu Fu to add up to the characteristic with the markeddest floor is its energy-saving sex, its collect " freely crisscross, much cascade is pressed, changeless form, not warp " wait for an advantage at a suit, whole is had moistureproof, waterproof, antistatic, service life is long, formaldehyde releases a quantity low characteristic, overcame a tradition to use rare wood and paint face, it is the new-style ground that at present the country such as Euramerican, Japan stands favour fully act the role of material.

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