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Product shopping guide: another way of anti-static floor

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The floor has been used as a symbol more than as a product, noble, elegant, taste is synonymous with it. Now, the floor was given more and more other features, such as environmental protection, green, sterilization, anti-static. Under renovation, you can see several of you recommended the following products: Floor 1 Price: 190.00 yuan Number of suppliers: 50 square meters Elevated anti-static steel raised floor with high quality alloy cold-rolled steel sheet, the spot shape after stretching. After the appearance by the phosphate spray, cavity filled with foam packing, high wear fireproof paste on the surface high pressure laminate (HPV), or PVC boards, around the conductive edge of the mosaic. Assembly system has the floor, beams, bearing composition. Height adjustable beams and bearing their own association with a solid bottom screw support system, surrounded by floor mosaic into the box beams. Anti-static floor Price: 58.00 yuan Quantity available: 1,000 square meters Minimum order quantity: 100 square meters Advanced anti-static PVC flooring, PVC with high imported raw materials for the upper and lower whole body of its own, has good conductivity, but also possess excellent anti-static properties. Price: 50.00 Number of suppliers: 10,000 square meters Minimum order quantity: 300 square meters Gifford static conductive floor is a flexible PVC flooring. The internal surface of PVC particles coated with conductive carbon powder, with a permanent static conductive properties, the resistance is 104-106. Their quality standards consistent with SJ/T11236.
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