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Flooring Selection Guide Winter

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Now, comfortable and healthy, natural warmth of wood flooring renovation to become more consumer choice, but winter weather and dry indoor and outdoor temperature difference, but if the quality of wood off the floor, or improper maintenance is easy to deform, cracking and other problems. Chinese Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee Deputy Secretary General Tang called group recommends that consumers purchase the wooden floor in winter, when the dimensional stability required from the floor, formaldehyde emission, thermal conductivity, etc. into account, once you have to buy common sense, in the cold winter can still enjoy the comfort of warm wooden floors. Beware of deformation of wood flooring 室内外温度 quite different in winter, wood floors are easily deformed. According to the survey, three-layer parquet panels, circuit board and backplane staggered three-layer structure of horizontal and vertical wood veneer, wood can contain each other between the stress, effective control of the anisotropic deformation of wood. Even in the heat so the temperature change is not easy under large deformation, which makes three parquet heating market in the manner so popular. Three-layer parquet panels are usually used oak, ash, maple and other strength, high stability, high-quality wood, can protect the floor wear and durable. Circuit board and backplane usually use poplar, pine and other soft texture, good elasticity Instant Forest material, the use of foot feeling comfortable. Concerned about the environmental health of the floor Survey showed that 70% of consumers in the purchase process will concern the floor the environmental performance of the floor. Winter ventilation is poor, consumers wooden floor, the floor should be the primary concern of environmental performance. It is understood that due to extensive use of Instant Forest timber and the development of a more significant low-carbon layer parquet, production, pavement full consideration of all aspects of consumer use of health problems, environmental protection and the application of adhesive, making it better environmental performance, in line with national environmental mandatory standards. Adhesives can also be used directly without installing floating method, effectively reducing the formaldehyde emission, to ensure that the process of paving the floor in the latter part of the health and safety. Focus on thermal conductivity and thermal properties of three-floor parquet thermal conductivity 0.12, you can ensure optimum indoor temperature will not make people feeling hot. It is noteworthy that, for better conservation of the wooden floor, wooden floor insulation properties and give full play, the first time in the indoor temperature or long time without the use of geothermal systems, geothermal system should not be a sudden increase in temperature should be slowly warming to avoid in the effective rapid changes in temperature cause distortion of wood, while three parquet good adaptation performance delivers geothermal temperature feel more comfortable. Pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity effects on the floor When the indoor humidity changes, the timber itself in order to obtain equilibrium moisture content, can moderate the absorption or release moisture, humidity changes directly ease. Therefore, wood flooring, wood flooring, especially three good temperature and humidity adjustment function, consumers can feel more comfortable home. Consumers in the purchase of the floor, in addition to the stability of the floor, holding substandard performance, should consider environmental health issues. Hope the above suggestions will help consumers choose appropriate wooden floor, creating a warm winter home environment.
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