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FORESTRY rain events Changzhou Wang supply anti-static floor factory floor

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Also known as anti-static flooring static dissipative floor is a floor, when it is connected to ground or any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated to the 5 th power resistance at 10 to 10 ohms of the 9 th power among the features. "GB50174-2008 electronic information system room design specifications," states: anti-static floor or ground surface resistance or volume resistance should be 2.5 × l0 4 power of ~ 1.0 × 10 9 ohm power. Recommended Enterprise: Wujin District, Changzhou Wang CONSERVATION rain events floor factory Cinda floor is engaged in a high-tech development, development, production and sales of businesses, products with anti-static steel raised floor, PVC flooring, OA intelligent network floor, ceramic floor, calcium sulfate, flooring, composite doors, office furniture. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the company to select excellent material, the introduction of sophisticated equipment, the use of sophisticated technology, careful management, to create refined products, dedicated and sincere service, to create a "letter" concept of quality of the elite , and always adhere to the "Founding quality, customer first, dedicated service" business ideas, all kinds of anti-static raised floor production capacity to 50 million square meters, is widely used in scientific research, electric power, aerospace, education, finance and other units, to obtain stable social and economic effects. The establishment of large and medium cities in the country of production, supply network integration services, consistent with the credibility of the company by new and old customers.
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