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Shenzhen the development prospects of anti-static floor

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Shenzhen, the major anti-static flooring is widely used in industrial plants, good market prospects. However, the speed depends on the future development of different regions. According to reports, anti-static flooring market is expected to continue to slow growth, while Asia Island market, especially the type of floor epoxy anti-static coating will be developed rapidly. Typically, the static is little risk to humans, but in the computer field, the losses due to static electricity a year up to 50 billion U.S. dollars. With the popularity of computer and electronic products, more and more manufacturers start Take anti-static measures. Anti-static clothing is one of the important initiatives. This is because the production workshop, the people are the biggest source of electrostatic charge. Appreciable amount of static electricity, such as body height and foot because of the size and other factors vary, such as tall, feet, yards, older people need to accumulate more charge to produce the same power consumption. In addition, apparel fabrics, Sole material and weather conditions also can affect the amount of static electricity, such as dry climate is easy to produce static electricity. 2,000-4,000 volts of static electricity for most people is harmless. However, electronic components, but only a few volts because of the small static electricity damage. It is estimated that 8% -33% of the product damage was caused due to static electricity. Anti-static floor to prevent damage to electronic components, and operation of flammable gases and liquids, the prevention of fire or explosion function. Once unable to control static electricity may cause a series of losses, especially in the semiconductor And electronic products industry, resulting in product damage, equipment failure, loss of working hours and product returns, so to solve static problems is imminent. Epoxy floor coatings by an electrical conductivity made of conductive fibers produced by the addition of All in all, with anti-static floor will be the development of consumer electronics products development. However, as with the textile industry, is still the fastest-growing Asian region.
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