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Lorry closes the development of a floor that accumulate material and application

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Keyword: Mu Fu of bamboo of? of  lane mould adds up to a layer to accumulate function of; of material; structure
Bamboo Mu Fu adds up to a layer to accumulate the composite material that material is a kind of bamboo and lumber, it developed material performance dominant position of Zhu Mu adequately, use as the bamboo that the tradition can replace when lorry floor glue board and woodiness floor. The production of this material is made accord with national forestry policy and national economy to be able to develop the strategy continuously, have good development prospect.
1 lorry flooring develops a condition
In product of our country lorry, flatcar and canopy type van (include box wagon, machine to protect car, drugs car to wait) use woodiness floor board more, wood has higher attrition factor between floor and stevedore character, can be opposite conveniently quite a stevedore undertake safe consolidate.
20 centuries 80 time, railroad flatcar product all contains the door plank that carry side, to can lade the bulk goods such as ore, ever used steeliness floor board for a time. But as N17A flatcar (cancel side door) become advocate model after current platform car, begin to use the deal floor board of thick 70 Mm entirely, raw material chooses tree of the old way such as pine of Korean pine, chrysanthemum, hardwood to plant more, basically come from at our country northeast natural forest fell trees and entrance. Our country railroad has N17A platform car at present (include N17 model, N17G) , NX17 with NX17B flatcar one container is amphibious car many 40 thousand, period of repair in shop is 6 years one 5 years, damaged of primary vehicle floor is serious when repair in shop, need to update mostly, accordingly, the deal wastage that is used at flatcar repair in shop is very considerable.
As railroad flatcar amphibious flatcar mixes one container the development of flatcar of big load of 25t gross ril load, because reduce the requirement of tare weight to ever had had new trial to flooring, bai Song is used to serve as flooring on NX17B flatcar. But because white bulk density is lesser, texture is soft, the price is higher at the same time, reason uses as flatcar floor is not choose suitably.
20 centuries 90 time, bamboo glue board the substitute that regards woodiness as the floor is successfully on canopy type van promotion application, glue board regards the bamboo that the model such as P64A box wagon uses thick 30 Mm as the floor, better land achieved the goal with Zhu Daimu. In the bamboo on railroad flatcar glue board floor (ply 48 Mm) ever also had had the service test that assemble a car, but plan was not used. Main problem is material density bigger (0.95 G /cm3 one 1. 3 G /cm3) , at the same time bamboo glue board in the nail when stevedore consolidate not easy watch an opponent in a game, affect flatcar performance characteristics, accordingly, use the floor board of this kind of material no longer on the railroad flatcar of new development.
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