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Ground decorates a picture to see pattern of aggrandizement floor innovation

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Ramble Jin Cheng sells the floor of field the division, lin Lin always total brand has distinguishing feature each, in compound floor area small make up discovery a special floor board. Though be aggrandizement compound floor, cast off as dry as a chip and flat material qualitative surface however, floor adornment level is just as adornment the picture is general.

See the face:
Though this floor has illuminative variety, but each impression is tonal, it is appreciably has feeling of a few gradual change only, every floor on design has distinction, a few whole spell the feeling that a pair of picture is after rising, peremptory the aesthetic feeling that a pair of adornment hangs a picture, imagine commutation to feel certain also and pretty good in household ground.
See essence:
Actually, look to pledge this floor also is aggrandizement actually compound floor, the biggest distinction is adornment layer is different, added the adornment paper material that contains design, present the feeling that decorates a picture so. Aggrandizement (compound) wooden floor common says " King Kong board " , standard name is " floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination " . It is commonly by 4 material compound composition, namely layer of wear-resisting layer, adornment layer, high density base material, balance (moistureproof) layer. In adornment layer this one, tried a few innovations, the sense that brings accordingly is experienced also is different.
Consider price:
To every square for this 128 yuan price, this floor is not to calculate really expensive, as to in other property side also need not too right its gift too much requirement, the wear-resisting of main aggrandizement floor is spent is to be able to be achieved really, ask to also need not be cared about as to the higher performance such as Jing Yin, after all this window that what we value is feeling of its adornment picture.
The editor comments on:
To the person of choice aggrandizement floor, value its more a few advantages to real wood floor, for instance on price, wear-resisting is spent classy, since aggrandizement is compound what the floor does is again distinct also be copy real wood only just, still be the manage of solid Mu Wen with more natural short of natural sex, why do we monarch not additionally then path, see aggrandizement floor can have on exterior grain appearance why to innovate. Small make up this special product that sells area of field aggrandizement floor discovery in Jin Cheng to decorate grain in the surface innovation was made on appearance, this also is a window of this aggrandizement floor, also most consumer can be accepted on price, what additionally need reminds is, choose the atmosphere that the floor of this pattern must consult you are lived in, the material of the tonal, furniture that includes household is qualitative wait, prudent practice is local choose laid, avoid the disharmonious feeling of large area.
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