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Floor installation labour holds card mount guard " difficult labor " hind captur

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This year in July, shenzhen floor industry gave a major issue: Come from enterprise of 10 floors brand in all labour of 100 floors installation was obtained " card of mount guard of floor installation labour " , become whole city the professional installation labour of first mount guard that hold card. Sponsor committee of major of floor board of square Shenzhen city to combine Guangdong to save nation of school of adornment vocational training, pilot unit to install house and holy elephant, Jin Sanying, macaw, install a letter to wait for 10 floors enterprise, with with great quantity make, lifted to calculate on " dynamic " industry revolution, and obtained apparent effect very quickly. The household media of countrywide each district gives to this in succession attention, a few netizens also express to welcome to mix in post of the hair on forum glad.
But, what whether the form thinks like everybody really " auspicious " ? Make conclusions now return premature. In the backside of regional prosperity we see, be in more countrywide areas, the floor installs labour standardization as before not within the foreseeable future. Why does the mount guard that hold card handle lot more " difficult labor " ? Still need us thoughtful.
The floor installs labour to specialization is hasten of general trends place
Floor industry has an accepted adage: "3 minutes of floors, install 7 minutes " , especially real wood floor, the level that installs labour will decide its service life directly. The investigation that saves wooden floor guild according to Jiangsu shows, dispute is complained in all wooden floors in, only 20 % are the quality problem of floor itself, and construction is undeserved cause be as high as 40 % above however.
"Floor industry belongs to labor concentrated model industry, installing construction staff basically is force of rural surplus labor, get education the level is low, quality far the requirement of worker of short of industry. " Han Yiwen of secretary-general of committee of major of Shenzhen city floor board speaks of to the reporter.
The reporter searched a few floors to install enlightenment of worker invite applications for a job randomly on the net, the requirement that great majority enterprise raises nothing more than " hard-working " , " responsibility heart is strong " just, the company of invite applications for a job that only 1/3 is control expresses " should have certain working experience " or " skilled worker worker is preferential recruit " . The floor installs the introductory doorsill of labour to be able to say is those who comparative is low.
"For quite a long time, the traditional pattern education that trains an apprentice by the master derives floor installation labour, also having a share is to taught oneself a grow into useful timber to do guerrilla. Because lack is mixed strictly,train normatively, all sorts of questions in bringing about installation process happen again and again, invite customer already times feeling headaches, also damaged the reputation of floor enterprise oneself. " Han Yiwen expresses, "Floor installation is versed in the mount guard that hold card is normative floor installation, aggrandizement major serves, strengthen superintend effectively, establish a of industry model significant move. Establish a of industry model significant move..
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