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Floor of movement of age of Olympic Games economy highlights new business chance

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The Beijing Olympic Games that just concludes, greatly aggrandizement the athletic sports consciousness of ordinary common people. "Will exercise together in my home " a fashionable speech that makes the citizen that likes sport is in the home not less currently. The reporter understands in visit, gym of room of the acrobatics that occupy the home, family is relatively slashing to the requirement of the floor, shock-proof move, prevent organ, preventing collision is 3 " bar of hard thick line " , and this also lets hide in all the time " boudoir " medium athletic floor had a good development chance.
   Market demand is very big
"Machine of a ran just acquired in the home, just run two days, downstair resident has an opinion very much. " live in Mr Lv that in drum-tower area Jinchuanya encloseds ground for growing trees to tell a reporter, always cannot lay aside 10 thousand ran machine of a money need not, look can change a floor board only. Do not know where to have appropriate floor board, oneself want to vacate a room, make a gym well. "Since the closest period of time, so bemused like Mr Lv citizen amount to is not little still, some plays a table tennis in the home, some dances in the home acrobatics, issue the protest of neighbour because of control or be gotten on and be at a loss. Save analysis of peak of teach of floor association chairman according to Jiangsu, because suffer the effect of Beijing Olympic Games, domestic motion fashionable rises, this very the development that the earth spurred athletic floor. Guard estimation, jiangsu province moves every year the demand of the floor is in above of 200 thousand square metre.
   Functional requirement is strict
Introduce according to Zhang Hongguang of general manager of floor of Nanjing coil dragon, athletic floor is a kind of professional function sex that is different from common wood floor floor, the impulse action that the person forms when motion is met to wooden floor plane generation is oscillatory, the structure of athletic floor must have vibration to absorb a function, namely canvasser start fall after a rise arrives when wooden floor, the impulse that must have 53 ﹪ above by wooden floor sponge, have the effect of tutelar gambrel, meniscus, vertebral, cerebra thereby. Next, its function also considers the person cannot affect photograph adjacent staff when the motion on wooden floor, that is to say, if contain in the home athletic floor, how to skip stamp one's foot, also cannot let have apparent feeling downstairs. Athletic floor must choose soft hard moderate, deflection structure of slight, long fiber (remove thorn not easily) the tree is planted, the oak wood that goes up like the market, Ju wood, maple and northeast china ash, treatment precision must assure to be in 0.1 millimeter less than.
   Shop outfit cost is high
The reporter understands in interview, the enterprise of floor of motion of Nanjing special sell on commission is at present very few, material of each a lunar month of 30 days sells field is more difficult look for its footprint. How to believe Jiang Aiming of general manager of floor Nanjing company to think, because demand of athletic floor consumer is not much, enterprise majority does not want sortie. He says, athletic floor board is general every square metre is in 100, 300 yuan between, spreading outfit cost is floor of average home outfit 2, 12 times, average every square metre is in 100, 600 yuan differ, spread outfit cost costlily to scare many consumer only. Wu Shuping of controller of company of nature floor Nanjing expresses, what make athletic floor board technically is main still give priority to in order to receive a project, family of ordinary common people has the dosage that 20 square metre control only, big athletic floor company does not look, enterprise of general floor board dare be not received again, because installation is a very tall knowledge.
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