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Floor exposition next year moved in March division arrives city of floor of hori

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Yesterday morning, in city of floor of horizontal stroke forest " the floor purchases a division " on, horizontal stroke forest presses down the branch such as the government to be reported to media, the 3rd (Chinese · Changzhou) international floor exposition will " move master " city of floor of horizontal stroke forest is held, time is next year came 28 days on March 25. Mixed last year this year the first, exposition of the 2nd floor, v/arc be on the throne exhibits a center to hold at Changzhou Nearctic international.
As the horizontal stroke forest international floor city is in new rise abruptly by 312 nations line and enable, this area amounts to the market of major of large floor board with 80 thousand square metre, complete establishment, what offerred a concentration to appear for industry of floor of horizontal stroke forest is beautiful beautiful window, in the meantime, also attracted periphery even floor enterprise of the whole nation sets booth to appear here. Sponsor square decision this to move international floor exposition division floor city, shen Ming of chairman of Changzhou floor association is born to explain reason so: "Group of industry of floor of horizontal stroke forest, its product sells as far as to 106 countries, have wide market and good reputation, consequently, annual floor fair, attracted the travelling merchant of tens of thousands of to come round. Run fair excellent doorway, after travelling merchant visits fair, still can make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to manufacturing company, true implementation can exhibit the 0 distances with the industry. "

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