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Guo Hui: Economy puts delay to be helpful for floor industry conformity

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Get newly by the 2nd when world economy forum sponsors army person annual meeting (call again " the summer amounts to Wo Si forum " ) hold in Tianjin seaside new developed area at coming 28 days on September 27. The theme that met this second year is " tide of below one round of growth " . During the conference is held, with dispatch network special report vice president of holy elephant group Mr Guo Hui, it is memoir part content below:
Guo Hui: Below a such big setting, floor course of study of China was faced with these year delay is put stage by stage in develop quickly, local perhaps district, local category appeared to lose the aspect of growth, opposite for more difficult. But be told from emperor like itself, we think the thing is one divides into two, when it is difficult to put alleviation in such economy only, just be helpful for the conformity with better industry. Because an integrated industry still needs for floor industry of the country from which, whole market dimensions 40 billion the left and right sides, but in however 3000 or so enterprises participate in his, so to speak the dimensions of the enterprise still is not too big, additional relative dispersive, so this is the industry that needs farther concentration and conformity. Will tell from this angle, appear such an economy environments, have profit to the conformity of the industry.

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