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By major of Shenzhen city floor board committee sponsors " Shenzhen of 2008 China · couplet of famous floor brand exhibits Cultural Festival of floor of the world of the 2nd home and Shenzhen of 2008 China · " will on September 29 -- on October 3 " 2008 China (Shenzhen) live rich meeting and autumn hand in can. The tiger king floor, holy elephant floor, Jia Sen floor, grand radical floor, floor that bring a letter, King Kong is platinic the well-known trademark such as floor of Si Zhuang of Mu of forest land board, A, leave the elaborate organization in committee of major of Shenzhen city floor board, the large part that makes Shenzhen floor trade together celebrates an activity.
   Promote floor industry image
This second activity is committee afterwards holds major of Shenzhen city floor board successfully last year " Cultural Festival of floor of first home the world " later, the great event of another year industry that combines member unit organization. Its purpose aims resource of integrated brand advantage and resource of industry dominant position, build standard, healthy market environment further, achieve consumer and the goal that produce operator win-win; Promote industry whole image, reveal floor brand elegant demeanour; Transmit floor culture, advocate scientific and rational consumption. It is reported, in current " Cultural Festival of floor of domestic the world " reach " couplet of famous floor brand is exhibited " during, join the famous floor brand that exhibit to will show the product of of all kinds floor that leads international tide together, provide the demand of choose and buy of rich and colorful for consumer. The another window of this second activity is by major of Shenzhen city floor board committee is sponsorred, limited company of trade of Shenzhen city Jia Senmu industry undertakes " industrialization of residence of · of Jia Sen floor and forum of good luck of floor industry development " , this are large because forum agrees " residential industrialization " topic of this one heat gets equipment fix eyes upon.
Regard domestic floor as the birthplace of course of study, shenzhen floor course of study ever had created a lot of brilliant histories, but suffer raw material to rise in price in recent years, custom duty increases, limitative orders comes on stage related the country and of course of study of floor of Jiang Zhe and other places strong rise abruptly, the current situation of Shenzhen floor industry nots allow hopeful. Additional, as competitive aggravate, the market if a few phenomena that do not have foreword are fake product city of faze of flush, low, harmed the interest of the interest of broad consumer and normal floor enterprise badly also. How to promote industry whole image, take the route that can develop continuously; How to enhance the core competition ability of floor enterprise, enlarge a brand famous spend and consequence; How to strengthen an industry to control oneself, maintain broad consumer interest and profit of normal floor company... the real problem that already became Shenzhen floor industry to face and must be solved.
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