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Former zoology lives in a concept to unscramble style of real wood floor to chan

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From newest 2008 household popular trend looks, low-key and contracted and Anacreontic, costly make attention focal point, although the style behaves each different, but around " comfortable life character " spread out, advocate carve of slam the door and heavy and complicated, go after life essence and connotation, "Former zoology " style of naturalistic household design is on arena gradually.

Install dominant as the home, real wood floor often installs the effect to having crucial effect to integral home. Before the durable, environmental protection that consumer pays attention to real wood floor only, health and comfortable wait for practical character, and whether does the style that consumer begins to pay attention to real wood floor now match with furniture, whether can build harmonious visual effect, because this China is solid,the development of wooden floor changes sadly as the popular trend that lives in a style.
Real wood floor regards whole and interior design as the important facet of the style, the zoology that can behave natural household more is changed, floor of laid real wood and other data phase are compared, give a person with taller easy measurable, the effect such as advocate colour, downy sex. Although naturalistic household style is popular, but the expressional configuration of the style however profusion is diversiform, to real wood floor mainstream trend still is " former zoology " direction, for satisfy or concise and Anacreontic, or classical and nostalgic style form, need is dug more the floor style of diversity to it corresponding. The home fits requirement from pay attention to reflect the home to install style effect, the style that pays attention to floor and furniture is tie-in, change direction to develop to the diversity that pays attention to individual character be fond of and the grade that live in a style, the popular trend because of floor of this China real wood will from " former zoology " trend " optional but not informal, fastidious but not inflexible " natural grade style comes up.

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