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Decorate a floor to grow " bug " eye disappear is protected appoint mediation ob

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"Each appeared on the floor board that buys ability to use 3 months by moth-eaten small hole, a shining white. " on September 9, live in loose door " sea Tian Mingyuan " one face comes to Mr Wang helplessly to Zhejiang to save disappear of Wen Ling city protect appoint loose door branch is complained.
Disappear is protected appoint the staff member undertakes examining at once, on the floor that sees 50 much square metre only, close half appeared small hole of white. Although this floor already made two paint, but white spot is clear still and visible like pinhole. In the corner, still stay even have by moth-eaten powder.
Introduce according to Mr Wang, he is in loose Men Mou the timber mill bought this to approve a floor November last year, add up to more than yuan 5000. Began laid Feburary this year, spent 3 months merely, appeared phenomenon of bug eat by moth. Mr Wang ever looked for manufacturer to undertake negotiation for many times, seek redress, but because compensate for amount,differ eventually too much not if really. Pulled 4 many months all the time so, mr Wang comes down helplessly to be protected to disappear appoint complain.
Protect through disappear appoint staff member mediation, both sides comes to an agreement finally, manufacturer agrees to compensate for Mr Wang 4000 yuan serve as compensation.
As we have learned, borer can bring annihilative blow to household carelessly a bit. Spread through many breed, borer can begin from a small wormhole, slowly disaster and whole fan door, floor, destroy indoor and other furniture even.
Disappear protects appoint warn broad customer: Buy the agency that must choose to have aptitude when the floor. In the meantime, when consumer is being bought, besides view certificate of approval, the colour and lustre that notices lumber even and dry degree. Generally speaking, colour and lustre darker or lumber has humid feeling, probable be expensive without the course lukewarm processing. In addition, whether does the product indicate factory name the site of factory also is very important, consumer should refuse " 3 without " the product enters a gate.

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