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Resource advantage loses floor essay card to become plant of old brand OEM gradu

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The world floor that China is be worthy of makes a center, year 10% what productivity has taken the whole world; Emerge in large numbers gave a batch of strong brands, the responsibility consciousness that includes the; company such as elephant of nature, emperor got very big rise, at present enterprise of a lot of floors values the investment of social commonweal very much. Can say, although brand competition is very intense, but a normative with each passing day market environment has been formed.
   Pain: Face many sided to challenge floor raw material to rise in price again 20%
Nowadays, chinese floor industry is put in the challenge of many sided. The country is right the price of estate, door model, the adjustment of policy of structure of product of export of interest rate of financial revenue, bank, nation of; international old brand swarm into, those who turn over the raw material of existence; floor of a variety of international trade camp such as the dumping is custom duty, nervous with each passing day, lumber rises in price on average 20% etc, this kind of situation will bring about the company that cannot have sufficient natural resources more very much to will be faced with directly close down or turn row. It is at present in the development process of Chinese floor industry, an overmatch heals strong oligopoly pattern has been shown stage by stage, the competition that can say prospective floor trade is the competition of resource, brand.
Since reforming and opening, our country GDP increased 36 times, maintain year all add 9%; our country year increase population newly 11 million, increase purchasing power newly 63 billion ~ 65 billion yuan, the demand of so vast scope also is brought to floor industry develop a space strong continuously. At the same time town changes the rapid development of the process, 3, the vast space of 4 class market brings delectable situation for whole floor industry. Overall for, chinese floor industry still is in a gold to develop period, although encounter international all sorts of trade barrier, but the impetus that Chinese floor enters the whole world still overwhelm.
   Resource advantage loses essay card to become plant of old brand OEM gradually
When running a company, connect regular meeting to speak of 6 index: Into technology of this banner, core, brand the forestall of the management of catenary of banner, industry, resource is mixed company liability. Industry need precedes from cost precede to the brand slowly transfer, also want progress of direction of responsibility of the management to catenary of core technology, industry and resource forestall, environmental protection at the same time.
Suffer exit country to be restricted first into competence the cut down, effect that prohibits the new lumber policy such as cut down, whole lumber imports the price to rising, wooden floor produces business obverse side to face the dilemma that cost rises. Big manufacturer will center a palm to accuse raw material, the advantage of raw material resource of card of factory of a few coolie, essay will be lost gradually. The company with small scale of production will lack competitive advantage more in the market and be washed out or be forced transition, partial small plant will be more apparent the OEM plant that makes old brand, in the meantime, the palm accuses the resource, old brand that owns dimensions to produce an advantage will gradually forestall is whole floor market.
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