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From make course of study of brand China floor expect " Nie 槃 "

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Recently, the quality that the country pledges check total bureau presses woodiness floor product to undertake to macerate ply of paper is supervised selective examination make clear, 81 kinds of product sampling percent of pass that 81 enterprises produce are 99. 1 % , formaldehyde releases a quantity to exceed bid still is main quality problem.
The current situation of floor industry how? The reporter interviewed Lv Bin of secretary-general of committee of major of floor board of association of industry of Chinese forest products at this point.
   Floor of ascend body wood produces big country cavalcade
Wooden floor industry adds up to floor and bamboo floor to be dominant product with aggrandizement wood floor, real wood floor, solid Mu Fu. Enterprise of aggrandizement wood floor came 2001 after high speed grew 2005, grow speed slow down; Solid Mu Fu adds up to floor course of study to grow 7 years quickly continuously; Course of study of real wood floor showed downtrend 2005, drop a few years after that speed slow down, already tended this year stable; Bamboo floor is after sales volume urgent leap is long 2006, sales volume tends since 2007 gently.
Lv secretary-general points out, through 20 old development, industry of floor of our country wood already was formed have much sort, much norms and much class, distribute covered industrial system to after service photograph from production, sale. Current, the business that pursues wooden floor production has 3000 about, exceed 1 million from personnel of course of study, total production value achieves 50 billion yuan, our country already ascended body wood floor produces big country cavalcade.
Decorate 10 years according to the residence, blame residence is decorated 20 years, and can undertake ground illuminative area occupies 80 % to calculate, acreage of adornment of our country ground is total about 39. 8.7 billion square metre. However, nearly 3 years total sales volume is floor of our country wood only 6. 5.4 billion square metre, 16 what occupy all these 3 years of grounds to decorate material only. 4 % , this shows ground adornment still is given priority to with material of floor tile, stone, wooden floor place holds share lesser. Committee of major of floor board of association of industry of Chinese forest products is forecasted, to 2010 crop of our country floor will achieve 500 million square metre, average and annual grow 13 % left and right sides.
   Floor of 4 kinds of mainstreams satisfies different consumption requirement
"Because floor of of all kinds wood gets resource restrict content of different, technology differ, item characteristics and character are different, development foreground is endless and identical. " Lv Bin analysis says.
Aggrandizement wood floor has wear-resisting, moistureproof, setup convenient, Yi Qingjie nurses, economy is practical wait for an advantage, will hold the dominant position of wooden floor market henceforth. Drive in what intense market competition and industry grow, its product will be more artistic change, individuation and environmental protection are changed, finishing technology more hasten diversification. If copy is solid,wooden floor, small norms goes all out square, horn, synchronous Mu Wen, archaize, fight bacterium, Jing Yin, fight heating of electrostatic, ground to wait for aggrandizement wood floor crop will be chased increase gradually.
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