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Floor crop year all grow 13% floors industry to hide huge market potential

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China should come true to produce the big country change to powerful nation from wooden floor, the power that leans these investor solely is far insufficient. The expert thinks, present wooden floor industry has cement industry of before the dot resembles a few years, vassal set up a separatist regime by force of arms, recombine through be being bought inside ceaseless industry slowly form group of industry of a few big tycoons, wooden floor industry believes to also can evolve into trend development according to this kind of industry.
From go up century at the beginning of 80 time up to now, industry of Chinese wood floor had walked along harships 20 years. Although start,late, foundation is differred, but development is rapid. Time of 20 years, industry of Chinese wood floor had formed much sort, much norms, arrive from production form a complete set of sale, laid, after service, have the industrial system of certain dimensions. In last few years, chinese floor industry carried prosperous state, crop and exit forehead all achieved steady growth. Nowadays, manufacturer of domestic timber floor already developed more than 5400, committee of major of floor board of association of Chinese forest products is forecasted crop of our country floor will achieve 500 million square metre 2010, average and annual grow 13% to control. China solemns to had become wood to the floor is produced and export big country.
However, the course of study of Chinese wood floor of industry of the rising sun that be called is encountering domestic trouble and foreign invasion at the same time however: Domestic brand confused is miscellaneous, coessential change an appearance serious, there is competition of low administrative levels on the market. The personage inside course of study expresses, step of promotion of market of business of domestic timber floor is at present single and eager for quick success and instant benefit, great war of advertisement of star acting character, CCTV, price became wooden floor company general " 3 broad ax " . The sale shift of low layer can bring about an enterprise to be immersed in foreign market of malign competition; only also is the competitor gathers, the 337 countercharge bring a case to court of crisis of patent of lock of European business suit, United States, add raw material of oil price tall look forward to, floor to rise in price incident of sky waiting for benefit is following one by one. Relevant expert expresses inside course of study: "Industry of Chinese wood floor is a typical sufficient competition industry, a large number of low end are native land of the malign competition of the enterprise and foreign capital brand enter in a large-scale make whole industry environment compares hardship.
Nevertheless, wooden floor industry gets continuously however in recent years the favour of venture capital, rose in capital market agitate blast blast move restlessly: The huge rock fund below division of group of group of investment of American triumphant thunder, collect element investment becomes a shareholder how does Shanghai believe world of industry group; United States of the biggest group of wooden floor operation Amusi and nature wood floor are successful and allied, invest 17 million yuan to build to cover an area of 11 hectare in hill of Chinese Jiangsu elder brother jointly, produce per year 300 much fact the manufacturing base; that Mu Fu joins a floor board associates invest 20 million dollar to become a shareholder Shanghai is new 4 course of study joining wood...
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