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The home installs real wood floor board, rational choice, intellectual consumpti

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Walk into building materials market, select floor product for the family. The floor product with various sort of multiterminal of see everywhere pattern, really " random flower gradually desire glamorous look " , consumption chooses to also let person evil spirit expend setbacks. Choice, decide the character of the life, choice, decide the way of the life, choice, decide the manner of the life. How should the product of real wood floor that the family decorates choose... ?
The family decorates consumption, because of the person different, choose to suit oneself to decorate a style, economic capacity bears to rise, quality is reliable the product with good reputation, integral collocation is harmonious and unified, just be optimal " " . If Zhejiang is long,fill a floor to advocate " pursuit product 0 blemish, ensure consumption 0 anxious " the concept is same, rational choice, intellectual consumption, for satisfied the life that does not have care lays solid foundation.
The consumptive current situation of product of real wood floor: Product each has his strong points, style each different, product quality is uneven, coessential change an appearance relatively much see, still there is no lack of among them " disguise dresses up " , the phenomenon such as promiscuous, pass away the sham as the genuine mixes shoddy, the name of an article slash. The fun in consuming a choice and secret worry keep abreast of, need sober reflection, be in so floor of choose and buy when, want to understand a few common sense of real wood floor first, accomplish rational choice, intellectual consumption.
All wool and a yard wide floor, and it is to be in ensure use a function basically, its product exterior, character, service, value, integral performance and photograph of its market value are balanced, with consumer expectation is worth photograph balance, recessive value can be dug, obtain consumer is approbated and trust.
Product of real wood floor is coessential change an appearance commonner, an error appears via regular meeting when consumption chooses, read sheet only piece the quality of floor product and charge for the making of sth. , read sheet only piece the lubricious harmonic grain of floor product, often the integral style after oversight laid. Select material of real wood floor is not careful, quality closes nevertheless, the style does not deserve to cover, again costly solid Mudebanye is had to become in the home " the project that make a heart " .
A lot of consumer care material to plant only with the price, think the capable person that has selected a kind of everybody to be approbated is planted, it is OK to had chosen the color that suits oneself, often also can choose because of the difference of the price more substantial. What does not know character and value is balanced, how is the great disparity of the price and value corresponding its character? Consumer still needs good consumption consciousness and discern the eye of actor bad, reason chooses real wood floor board:
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