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Master 4 doohickey a mind which perceives both past and future choose floor boar

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Lacquer face floor regards a kind of new-style floor as the product, because of give attention to two or morethings of real wood floor beautiful and comfortable the wear-resisting price cheap with aggrandizement floor, and wide accept market favour. But because lack occupation standard, at present the good and bad are intermingled of quality of lacquer face floor on the market, good and evil people mixed up, many consumer suffer from are bought not carefully fake product.
   1, look. Just as its name implies, of lacquer face floor basically selling a site is paint facing, want above all so " look " -- the definition that goes differentiating lacquer face with the eye. Through in last few years a series of technical breakthrough, lacquer face craft had had tremendous breakthrough, high grade lacquer face product for instance fiddle lacquer floor, exterior colour and lustre is even, smooth but person of ancient bronze mirror; If obscure An is heavy, lacquer layer is cloudy not clear, that is probable it is inferior lacquer face floor. Additional, because high grade lacquer face floor chooses E1 class high density to spend beaverboard to be base material, and use an entrance decorate paper, have true wooden grain visual perception to suffer, can rival with photograph of real wood floor. Contrary, inferior adornment paper also can be brought only coarse watch with punch-drunk feeling, and very easy fade.
   2, hear. High grade lacquer face floor uses base material of high environmental protection and paint of high grade UV, the formaldehyde that accords with E1 class discharges a standard, because this uses nose to be not heard to pungent flavour, and inferior product is completely different, can release the many formaldehyde odour when decorating, because inferior base material is used,this is a large number of not the glue of environmental protection causes.
   3, ask. Ask a salesperson, this enterprise obtained what honor, mix especially the honor related product of lacquer face floor, the company that has actual strength just is worth to trust.
   4, cut. This " cut " not be feel the pulse, take the fighting spirit such as coin, iron plate truly however implement have ruinous test. High grade lacquer face floor is main one of features are wear-resisting. The level of lacquer face floor that is about to come on stage, drafted 3 grade level to wearability of lacquer face floor, among them classy taste every 100 turn abrasion loss must not exceed 0.06 grams, first-rate product every 100 turn abrasion loss must not exceed 0.08 grams, this one index that qualification tastes does not get prep above 0.1 grams. This one standard is index of function of wear-resisting of face of the lacquer in standard of floor industry product is at present highest, tower above is the same as grade real wood or compound floor makes an appointment with real wood 40% . Accordingly, on the coin and iron plate lacquer face floor in pass a barrier keep too big loss very hard. And inferior product can'ts bear biff, perhaps remove a skin very easily with respect to the scratch that be accumulated by bedding face.
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