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Joint can lay cork floor in bad home

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Floor wants in the home, whether had you wanted to spread bark on the ground?
Not strange, because have what a kind of floor makes by oak bark namely, call it cork floor on market. Hear this kind of floor has extraordinary gain to health, then the reporter sought advice from some cork floor to sell Mr Tang of manufacturer.
According to introducing, the gain with the biggest floor board of this kind of cork is the family that suits to have old person and child. Cork floor has feeling of soft, comfortable, foot the good, good character that fights exhaustion. Because cork unlike is other,this is the floor is by wood fiber is formed, it is the alveolate structure that makes by cork cell, each cork cell all full of air, form a gasbag that close. When the master piece outside getting is used, the cell will be contractible, in-house pressure is elevatory, after outside force is lost, the air pressure inside the cell is released, the cell is restorable. Accordingly, when this kind of resilience can reduce corky to stand or walk greatly, the ground faces the counterforce that ministry of human body back, leg, ankle causes. Colloid composition decreases in old person skeleton, articulatory antrum flexibility is insufficient, cork floor can have very good amortize effect. The skeleton that is helpful for children at the same time grows, fall to the accident also but the harm rate that utmost ground lowers pair of human body.
In addition, character of full of airy still brought cell of this kind of floor another auspicious place, namely the floor has insulating properties, airtight, waterproof, return the constant temperature that can maintain 25 Celsius to control, wintry warm summer is cool, although barefoot walks,also can feel very comfortable.
Cork floor because its special internal composition, having extremely strong tenacity. Go when the person above when, cork floor can be in plantar and slight adsorption the surface, reduced the attrition between foot and floor, also prolonged the service life of the floor. Although there are water or oil on the floor, unapt also make the person slips, have very good skid resistance.
What cork floor should notice most is cut. After cork floor is installing 24 hours again above put furniture, 24 staff reduces as far as possible in the hour above ambulate, furniture leg should have mat thing.

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