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Floor of terrestrial heat of choose and buy should stare at close convention 4 b

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Heating of the heat of the earth's interior accords with human body " crural warm head is cool " idiosyncratic, and heating of the heat of the earth's interior cancelled the central heating conduit in the room and radiator, more benefit at the bedroom decorate with beautiful, because this kind of means is increasing person place,be agreed with and accept. How should choose floor board of the heat of the earth's interior after all? The reporter understands, as a result of the characteristic of heating of the heat of the earth's interior, very strict to the requirement of the floor, accordingly, floor of the heat of the earth's interior besides satisfying groovy quality index while, satisfy 4 big character even, the citizen that should hold heating of the heat of the earth's interior can want to stare at tightened.
Floor quality is additionally exquisite " 3 minutes of floors, install 7 minutes " , and the installation level of floor of professional terrestrial heat is higher, because this had better offer professional installation by the manufacturer, avoid to be installed by construction group proper motion.
   Function is unscrambled
1, heat conduction comes loose hot property actor
Lumber and bamboo are very good natural material, ground quantity of heat delivers the surface through the floor, inevitable meeting has hot loss, ideal floor can fall these losses to lowest. Reduce heating to move to reduce the loss of heat energy to reach so safeguard expenditure, ground heating floor inevitable " anthology thin do not choose thick " . Optional choose is multilayer floor of bamboo floor and real wood, aggrandizement wood, board thick do not exceed 8 millimeter, cannot exceed 10 millimeter greatly most.
2, material pledges stability is close friends
The use environment of floor of the heat of the earth's interior is complex, be in northern region especially, ground of blame heating season should bear all sorts of humidity, and temperature of the ground when heating should lift abruptly again, the floor bears necessarily " temperature " , " humidity " double change. So floor of the heat of the earth's interior must want capable person of choose and buy qualitative stability is good, be like aggrandizement floor, multilayer real wood floor, bamboo wood floor these are compositive and compound model floor.
3, moistureproof hear resistance is ambitious
Compositive and compound model the floor should use bind agent, bind agent needs to accord with environmental protection, agglutination intensity, high temperature resistant tall wet ageing mark of this 3 thumb. Be told especially to floor of the heat of the earth's interior, want a course to be able to bear or endure tall wet, be able to bear or endure the experiment such as microtherm, if use common sticky mixture, environmental protection index, be able to bear or endure wet sex, ageing resistance, expand rate all cannot amount to mark. Because this consumer is when the choose and buy, the product report that examines a businessman, examine the report is very necessary.
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