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Honor of 4 states level teachs you how to differentiate floor actor bad

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The floor is durable article, want to use ten years, even a few years, so consumer is in choose and buy when the propagandist information that wants special attention to discriminate manufacturer. If believe exaggerated conduct propaganda blindly, buy not quite good product, floor quality did not assure, wear away via rising, burnish becomes poor, appear be out of shape, the health that the bacterium of the floor and harmful and chemical material still meet person of serious effect family, affliction letting a person is infinite.
What consumer headaches is, when oneself are getting busy about buying a floor board, can discover all sorts of floors are in exert all one's strength how is him boast like He Hao, can place one pile honor, average consumer does not understand, some honor are national level inside this is very precious; Some is honorary a moisture is bigger; Some is flat be oneself do the enterprise to make up the number or the amount, consumer mixes them very easily for posse, but in connoisseur eye, the discriminative be clear at a glance among this.
The good floor with be mixed not quite good, look seem about the same, consumer sees actor of low quality by naked eye without ability at all. Travel family education identifies the simple method of good floor to consumer: Two when you should admit to measure company actual strength below definitely only good target and the national level with 4 Xiang Hanjin extremely high volumes are honorary, can identify a right old brand, good floor. Find such brand, ability can buy consumer be at ease, use sureness.
   The first scales the good target of actual strength:
   When should you ask this brand begins production?
Floor of wood of production of a company is earlier, the history that shows it is longer, the technology is more mature, and passed longer market to examine with consumer approbate, such brand consumer can trust its character and actual strength completely. Rise the floor that amount to wood for instance, it is the trailblazer of wooden floor domain and forerunner, by it production gets offline floor of wood of the first aggrandizement of Chinese. More puerile floor brand is to do not have on this index method and litre amount to those who compare.
   The 2nd scales the good target of actual strength:
   Should you ask this the production of the brand to the company appears on the market?
If enterprise of floor of a wood can appear on the market, the banner level that actual strength of ability of the scale of production that shows it, operation, level of management, gain, capital reached whole industry, comprehensive strength is the big boss with this real industry. Rise at present amount to had taken the lead in appearing on the market in wooden floor, this is brand of floor of a lot of wood effort is old and the target that fails to come true, it is a lot of outstanding wooden floor brands, from the target of this dream, still also having not little space.
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