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How floor of wood of aggrandizement of choose and buy

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1, the range estimation of exterior quality, basically see its surface adornment whether have apparent bosomy bubble, colour and lustre not divide evenly, collapse is connected and the phenomenon such as nick, tear open at will take a packet of floor, whether does the floor have bend apparently and warp phenomenon, because the laid of aggrandizement wood floor joins the part all uses glue to stick,receive fixed, to the floor bend to have higher demand with warp.
2, aggrandizement wood floor aggrandizement, because its Mu Wen decorates the surface,besmear has wear-resisting layer. National level is family expenses ≥ to wear-resisting grade classification now 6000 turn, public with ≥ 9000 turn, revolution is taller, wear is better, but price is higher. Wear-resisting revolution is not to decide the condition of high quality floor, consumer can be mixed according to the economic actual strength of oneself use environment choose and buy. Consumer is being bought or before laid, can selective examination at will together, exert oneself to do sth. with 180 sand paper sand milling 20, observe floor surface decorates a decorative pattern, whether to have tatty appearance, if have,wear away should use carefully.
3, be able to bear or endure water property is to pass bibulous ply to expand ratio index will mirror, be like aggrandizement wood floor quadrilateral laid is sealed and lax, below damp environment, may happen expand, cause the arch since the floor, affect the use of the floor. Should choose bibulous ply to expand as far as possible rate is minor for beautiful.
4, the adhesive that at present aggrandizement wood floor uses still is given priority to with formaldehyde colophony, the formaldehyde that remains in adhesive is passed release in surroundings; Our country released a quantity to already issued mandatory standard to the formaldehyde in compound floor, formaldehyde releases a quantity to must not be more than 1.5mg/L. If laid is compound floor place, already can the odour of smell out formaldehyde, general the standard that this kind of product all sets more than.
5, consumer should notice a choose and buy a few famous products, clear outer packing should look to whether have the brand, manufacturer home, the site of factory, model, norms, label such as grade when buying, if outer packing label is not clear, the price under 50 yuan / the product of M2 should be chosen carefully.

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