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The personage inside much trade of be bored with of wooden floor cat teachs your

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At present, a lot of people are decorating a building, whether does the building materials of numerous and complicated let your cross-stitch work eye?
Report of sampling observation of market of a when industrial and commercial bureau of fontal state city announced a few days ago 5 ground makes clear, fraction defective of building materials market is 74.3% . What actually building materials market allows person concern is quality problem not just, the feline dirt that sells segment is very much also. Rise today, our newspaper rolls out series report, expose to the sun an inside story of a plot of building materials market, invite relevant personage to give out answer way, remind consumer to be mixed in building materials of choose and buy when decorating careful, lest eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances.
Which brand to pick after all? Every price differs not small, the some of real wood floor that same tree plants every square metre only 100 ~ 200 yuan, some price are 900 reach 1000 yuan / square metre. What the businessman says him is good, the businessman with high price says, abroad installs an entrance their raw material formerly, the businessman with low price says, their price can hit lowest, after all which kinds are good, which kinds are all wool and a yard wide, true still a bit dazzling.
Still see attestation! But be in these attestation cards and certificate, besides the country the product that avoid check, quality manages systematic attestation substandard, still 10 big safety of a few China amount to mark wood floor, fight bacterium, waterproof authoritative attestation 15 years, China is famous and popular the brand. These multifarious attestation, what ability is authentic? The data just knows true still Dechacha true bogus.
See a sign again, many businessmen are making wooden floor board foreign name, in lake heart street inn of floor of a wood, have the pride of China of South-American Yu wood, Austria white oak, French rose oak, Brazil. . . . . . These wooden floors bought a concern with several countries. Not be professional personage, still do not know how to discern really.
Face a variety of current situations of wooden floor market, manager of an advanced client disclosed to the reporter among them ' feline be bored with ' .
   Feline be bored with 1: Try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be
Agency is profit of pursuit high specified number, change label, intended will cheap real wood says material of high-grade and rare wood is qualitative character, consumer takes a fancy to the floor with a high price, sending those who come to install mount is the floor with other low price however. This kind of circumstance is absent a few, many businessmen can be here the face thinks method makes some of text, either the connoisseur is to look not to come out absolutely. The commonnest is a kind of common calls the floor of green handle mulberry to be sold African jade the pride of China, stick this label, the value is intangible in can much 200 multivariate / square metre, a house is decorated come down, also not be a small amount.
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