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Careful comparative and rational choose and buy 8 millimeter and the aggrandizem

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As the swift and violent development of domestic real-estate industry, its are relevant the development impetus of product of form a complete set also is in advance triumphantly all the way, this also included a floor to adorn a profession of course among them. From consumption ability is analysed, develop general apt buys the area real wood floor and solid Mu Fu join a floor board, as a result of its specific physical function needs certain ply; And majority area criterion mostly apt buys sexual price to compare advantageous aggrandizement wood floor, this also is the matter that aggrandizement wood floor becomes current spending main trend.
Of aggrandizement wood floor buy crowd cent to be two kinds:
A kind of consumer always wants to find the sense of real wood in aggrandizement wood floor, think to provide environmental protection more characteristic, thick have safe feeling, the product of 12mm appeals to beg aggrandizement this kind of desire to buy that consumes a crowd looks;
And crowd of additionally a few consumption is relatively rational, think floor of 8mm of choose and buy, economy is practical.
1, if floor of wood of integral laid aggrandizement, will choose the aggrandizement wood floor board of different ply according to the economic capacity of consumer.
2, if use heating of the heat of the earth's interior, the proposal uses thin aggrandizement wood floor board, can improve heating result effectively.
3, consumer is in home outfit process, because district is different, meeting choice chooses the ground material of different type, be like: Floor of floor tile, real wood, carpet. To overcome the high difference of different ground material, make vision more level off, proposal consumer chooses the aggrandizement wood floor board with corresponding ply.

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