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The family is decorated when to buy a floor to suggest

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If somebody asks you now " what is what when decorating, care most? " the person of 80% can reply is " environmental protection " . Yes, environmental protection is too significant to a new home, just think, when the infinite and yearning mood that cherishs good to future life when you opens new home door, those who receive you is " dazzling choke is nose " environment. Your happy whether can be new condition harmed? Latter because decorate undeserved bring pollution to indoor environment, the issue that brings a harm to people health emerges in endlessly. What what I hope is, this problem has caused the wide attention of social all circles, the sensitive district floor board that decorates in the family especially this one.

The floor regards the main adornment that the family decorates as material, reach decorating medium position at it, take seriously for people place more and more. Choosing it case of decorous, close zephyr while, people is valued more to its environmental protection function and the environmental protection index that suit to it. Need not doubt, floor environmental protection was deciding the environmental protection sex of whole bedroom even sometimes. That Mo is in the floor market of good and evil people mixed up, full of beautiful things in eyes, it is under the wag one's tongue of floor trader, the floor that how people fixes to he is bought is environmental protection floor? How does ability avoid a family to decorate medium contaminative problem? Below with respect to the decision index with floor environmental protection " formaldehyde releases a quantity " the problem that the attention answers when talk about the method that environmental protection floor chooses and choice.
One, the relevant state level that formaldehyde releases a quantity
Domestic formaldehyde releases a quantity detect methodological development already had 3 kinds to now: Perforative abrupt take as one's model (carry out, standard, unit: Mg/100g) , climate case law (executive HJBZ37-1999 standard, unit: Mg/m3) with desiccator law (carry out, standard, unit: Mg/L) , among them desiccator law is most can accurate the test method that reflects performance of floor environmental protection, also be the content that new GB carries out. New in July 2002 GB sets: Method of basis, regulation checks, floor formaldehyde releases a quantity to be less than or be equal to 1.5mg/L to set to accord with new GB namely, accord with health of indoor environmental protection to ask.
2, detect of the report contain Troy
Detect the directest data that the report is index of reflective floor environmental protection, when buying a floor board accordingly, the environmental protection function that asks a floor board when people how, total meeting takes out floor trader to differ detect the report that the orgnaization opens mark to formaldehyde releases a quantity is only, mark wears some likelihoods 0.08mg/m3, mark has some possibilities 0.8mg/L, content of these two formaldehyde detects the numeric unit that report sheet records is different, after all who more Where is environmental protection? Look be like former, actually 0.8mg/L more environmental protection. Before July 2002, formaldehyde releases a quantity to express the differring of the unit, brought many troubles to floor of people choose and buy. New in July 2002 GB begins formally to carry out, all formaldehyde release a quantity to did not achieve new GB to set requirement or the floor that detect without new GB, all can be inspected to be the same as floor of environmental protection of inferior, blame. Accordingly, you are completely OK ask to come according to the regulation of new GB floor of environmental protection of choose and buy, in order to reduce needless trouble.

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