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Teach you to identify the life of 3 kinds of floors and sexual price to compare

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Identify floor life and sexual price correctly to compare:
   1, aggrandizement floor, Manufacturer is publicized commonly say to be able to use 10 ~ 15 years, I see those who pass 20 years even, you should see this problem so, if spread,you do not walk after outfit, need not, spread for example below the bed, the floor below the cabinet is no problem 15 years, I can assure, but laying a floor should be used, the ground that often walks, wait like corridor, sitting room, I think with the sales volume on market the biggest AC3 step calculates, probably 2 ~ begin the effect 3 years to degrade, 5 years the longest, unless you are used very careful, very careful. Return the family member is less, but be told so to a kind of such cheap ground material, a bit more beyond the mark, since life won't be too long, so the price is not high, believe me, aggrandizement floor is not real wood, in those days computer presswork, design and color does at will, after going up, the shop does not have a brand, regard him as in light of consumable of a low, the floor board that you buy can be appropriate, do not envy those purchase price tall floors, substantial yourself is OK, cost of product of aggrandizement floor qualification is controlled 38 yuan commonly, sell 60 yuan / the floor of ㎡ is very marvellous, buy again expensive aggrandizement floor board, class also arrives here.
   2, multilayer solid Mu Fu joins a floor board, Their class is the same as aggrandizement floor about the same, same class is belonged to in Europe, the difference is a feeling more resemble real wood floor, but because he is plywood,skin sticking wood does, so environmental protection sex is controlled more not easily, as to service life, in all floor breed, he is the shortest, some does not exceed 1 year even, rely on the lacquer of surface layer completely, lacquer face one bad, you tear open a floor, do not have long, what had surface layer to be controlled for 2mm in the market now is multilayer real wood, it is OK to allege burnish N second, but because he is to come back,be cut or dig cuts skin, once burnish is extremely easy craze, give up this thought. Multilayer price of real wood compound is in commonly 100 ~ 130 yuan between, the likelihood still has petty gain, of the entrance multilayer real wood is a bit a few more expensive, japanese product is in the majority, small Japan natural resources is too meager, floor surface layer is 0.6mm completely, japanese is versed in expensive, floor price nature is a few taller, but what he produces the problem is wide completely long board, shop outfit waste is big, and coloring of the much wood that it is oak, knowing is in those days Japan invades Hua Congdong north to grab the wood that go back to do.
   3, real wood floor, On the price market of real wood floor already enough low, should notice me only in front a few wait for a few to buy about lacquer face, notch, norms do not have big question basically, but buy light color floor to want caution, there are a lot of breed material sexes to be not stabilized in light color floor, be like cling to mulberry of fatigue, breast, Ba Fuyun is sweet (ivory wood) it is easy the material of occurrence problem is planted, the material sex of Tie Zhangmu, oily nutmeg is very additionally suspectable also, go asking pass the time in a leisurely way assist, these are to complain much wood to plant, still a few manufacturer compete to decrease now, pursuit profit, developed a lot of floors that do not suit originally to do lumber, if material of a lot of Africa had Orphean name, be like African black walnut, african teak (uniform plant with high grade wood hang lean) originally these lumber prices are low, quality is poor (look of African lumber bug is more, material sex is coarse) he is taken however sell high price, and you however have no way is compared, suggest devious to these tree plants everybody to be treated carefully.
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