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Build Chinese style of primitive simplicity to live in choice limestone flooring

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There are a lot of floorings that all sorts of differring on market, so why to choose limestone? The reason is very much. Above all, limestone is very old flooring, having history of about a hundred years. because such, limestone suits to do the flooring of the vintage room that has ancient wood furniture very much, it can make whole room is full of the style of of primitive simplicity. Limestone floor also imagines than people medium hard and durable, want people to nurse correctly only sealed, its service life is very long. Limestone floor shell is beautiful, abiding and durable, it is the good stuff of indoor flooring.
The main reason that chooses limestone floor board is its hard usage and having never antiquated beauty exterior. It can the environmental bring out the best in each other with of primitive simplicity, if the life space that suits vintage style very much is having vintage wood furniture, be full of the anteroom of agrestic breath or study. The desk and chair that the limestone floor of beautiful, of primitive simplicity can reach similar material to be made with real wood ambry, oak or deal bookshelf is perfect ground confluence is together. Although barefoot goes in limestone,also feel very good above the floor, very safe, the sensory confirm that icy silk slips its hard usage.
Limestone is softer than marble, this is meant opposite at other stone material floors, limestone suits to be used at using the room with tall frequency to be like a kitchen not quite, the caustic or acidity besmirch inside the kitchen can pollute limestone, can damage its surface badly even occasionally. Accordingly, it needs Bidalishi more nurse regularly in order to maintain its groove. It is easy also by the grit place scratch that comes in from the belt outdoor. Because its are very sensitive to be being damaged this kind, had better not be in so kitchen, bathroom or other use frequent area to use limestone flooring.
Need more fixed cleanness to placing the maintenance of the limestone floor on base, procrastinate to common Wen Shui should be used when washing a floor or add the water of a few neutral, clean fluid that designs for limestone and marble floor only, cleaner of strong acid sex or other contain the cleaner that blanchs composition to want to put an end to use, because these cleaner will be final,cause limestone floor dye or become angry. Every other needs a few years to ask professional personage to come thick front cover second, the purpose is the occurrence that the beautiful outward appearance that maintains limestone prevents to perk an issue, permeate the fungus infection of hand or foot that takes limestone to be able to destroy its exterior.
Accordingly, although limestone floor is in,we can see lack nurse regularly and when daily cleanness be mixed easily by injury coloring, but if correct cleanness is mixed,nurse, its service life is very long, can saying is all one's life, besides it can match faultlessly with old-style house or setting of of primitive simplicity. As flooring for, it is subjective and visible completely, depend on the design style of the style of the house and whole and exterior.
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