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Walk out of error of floor choose and buy to spread outfit quality problem to be

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Cent is using Mudebansan, installing 7 minutes, install and use what the quality of fittings will affect wooden floor directly normally, if play crural line tie-in and bad, affect badly not only beautiful, and use what can affect wooden floor normally. The quality that plays crural line as the close partner of wooden floor how?
   Consumer mostly ignored plays crural line
Compared with wooden floor for, the line that play a base is a costar absolutely, often can be ignored by consumer. A lot of consumer express, when choosing wooden floor board, put more attention on wooden floor itself, and do not have more attention to playing crural line, even some consumer just choose to play crural line temporarily when the shop is installed. Because the ignored of consumer gives the quality of wooden floor to bury,played not little hidden danger, the personnel of floor after service such as the elephant that occupy emperor, Feilingeer, Ou Sheng introduces, actually the wooden floor of a lot of problems, its produce character to measure and do not have a problem, the quality problem that poses by the fittings such as the line that play a base held the about 5 proportion that become above.
   Play crural line freely will less and less
In interview the reporter discovers, compare before 2006, wooden floor industry executed those who play crural line to collect fees mostly now, when the sale although have the branch of root and rice, but the price is controlled mostly a few yuan arrive in a few yuan between, generally speaking the price that high polymer plays crural line is controlled in 10 yuan about, but its quality cannot be compared character with other material, general can one-time use, if appear,the problem can change afresh only. So this kind of product is not mainstream product of consumption, but it is the main capable person that gives freely pledges however. And real wood and real wood point to receive quality of the line that play a base opposite better, price is in commonly 20 differ to 60 yuan.
Before 2006, the line playing a base of floor of a lot of aggrandizement belongs to what give freely, but the ceaseless aggravate as competition, the free line that play a base will be less and less. Have an advantage more on the price to let a product, major brand begins to will kick crural line to come off from inside product value, can lower product price not only so, and also gave consumer more choice room. After telling clear interests, a lot of salespersons express, owner can choose the line playing a base with finer quality commonly, from the product quality that this said to also increase wooden floor board greatly on the dot.

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