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Real wood floor suffers favour floor beautiful Yan Chang easily to be stationed

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The real wood floor that builds sweet family smell easily special accept consumer favour, medium use is decorated in the family very general already also. Because real wood floor is to use active lumber to be made, have stronger bibulous capacity, encounter the outside ambient such as humidity, temperature to change, can happen to expand or contract subsequently be out of shape, maintain so the job is very main.
After floor of good in the shop real wood must seal processing, undertake waxing to avoiding lacquer floor commonly regularly namely, average 3 months, basically be protective floor paint film. Such ability won't suffer the dry wet effect of climate, the systole that reduces a floor board greatly and expand rate, but reasonable and effective wax skill is however not quite not little difficult problem.
The weather with good fine is waxed requirement. The dirt of floor surface must keep clear of first before waxing, next microscope wipes floor surface. To prevent floor dried meat pollution kicks crural line and furniture, the cover such as paper of usable adhesive plaster afore-mentioned place. Shake sufficient agitate even floor wax, can undertake local try out first in not marked place, affirm as good as constant hind again integral waxing. Wax with clean dishcloth or appropriative next pull cloth sufficient dip dips in floor wax, the wooden grain direction according to the floor is careful daub, maintaining Bao Houjun divide evenly is waxed key, cannot pour floor wax on the floor directly, can produce trace otherwise be soiled and circle mark. Want to get ablaze result, every hit candle to want to use polish of soft cloth graze, want special attention floor juncture. Every are hit, wait for dry hind, with face of very fine sand paper burnish, wipe up, hit the 2nd times again.
The cycle that the floor waxes decides the volume that measures at stream of people, if person flow is larger, can decide to wax according to the wear out condition of candle face time. The summer is rainy and seasonal, air humidity is big, the beard is diligent close window, function of temperature adjustment of use air conditioning or go wet machine, reduce indoor humidity, prevent wooden floor humidity too big, the beat since generation is out of shape. Any products, if want to reflect its value faultlessly, underlying tone is a respect only, another respect depends on using with maintain. If use or maintain proper, be like,the floor can be used still is a few years bright and clean new.

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