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How does high temperature weather maintain wooden floor

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Miss Sun asks: Just spread in the home install aggrandizement floor board, be worth high temperature weather, need to nurse technically excuse me? What respect should daily attention note?
The expert solves: For the wooden floor board that installs to the shop, if shop of personnel of professional shop outfit is installed, do not need to do commonly safeguard particularly. After a lot of owner are decorated, not be eager to, do not stay in the person's room for a long time, wooden floor appears easily since arch, roll the phenomenon such as the edge, so if do not live for a long time, also should assure proper ventilated.
Of wooden floor nurse daily relatively simple, need to retain a floor board only dry, clean, the mop that avoids to use a water pulls the land, avoid to brush the ground with buck, suds, lest destroy the burnish of floor lacquer face. In the meantime, also do not brush the ground every day with wet mop, with weekly advisable. When the room ground of the floor that spread wood has dirt, answer to use cleaner to clear as far as possible, pull the ground to may injure floor lacquer layer forcibly.
The weather of fuggy moisture, the floor has wriggle through the earth easily, should open a wet function of air conditioning at this moment, make indoor humidity falls, avoid to remove the happening of arch phenomenon. In case because air is humid, the floor appears when the sign that has wriggle through the earth, must reach times to repair, do not wait for floor arch to rise to sign up for very high again long, the place trample that cannot rise to arch at the same time, can make notch damage cannot restore completely otherwise.

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