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The expert teachs you all sorts of household the floor maintains common sense

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1, aggrandizement wood floor
Aggrandizement wood floor maintains should get simply than real wood floor much. When clean floor, want to notice to maintain the Gan Shuang of the floor, do not use many water to rinse, the attention avoids floor bureau the ministry is long-term and soggy. The cleaner that neuter chooses when clean besmirch is handled, prevent sun point-blank, get wet in the rain, be affected with damp be affected with damp. In addition, the attention is indoor and ventilated, maintain indoor temperature to also be helpful for prolonging floor life. Aggrandizement floor does not need to paint and wax, differ with real wood floor, avoid by all means uses polish of sand paper burnish.
2, real wood floor
Install and use of real wood floor undeserved, can make eligible product appears likewise quality problem. When real wood floor is maintaining, what should notice the ground is dry with cleanness. When floor of laid real wood, if did not make moistureproof processing, toilet and room region,did not do good segregation, can affect the life of the floor. And by water wringing or swab with buck, suds, can destroy the brightness of paint. The summer pulls good curtain without the attention, make the floor before the bed can become angry via appearing after sunshine insolate craze. Air conditioning temperature leaves too lowly, make be mixed by day temperature change is too big in the evening, cause a floor to expand or systole is too acuteness, and create a floor board be out of shape, craze.
The floor is in use process, if discover,fall off, answer to take a floor in time, the shovel goes old glue and grey end, squeezing ramming of Tu Shangxin glue. Hitting candle every months also is best maintain method, but before waxing, should mix lunt besmirch wipe up.
3, solid Mu Fu joins a floor board
The care and maintenance that solid Mu Fu joins a floor board is opposite at real wood floor simpler. Retain a floor board dry, clean, need not drip the mop of water pulls a floor board, need not buck, suds brushs the ground to protect a floor board effectively.
If the home is hollow gas is dry, pull cloth but a few wetter or a water is put on central heating, usable also humidifier is added wet. Avoid sunshine to insolate as far as possible, lest the surface paints,ageing, craze shifts to an earlier date for a long time below the illuminate in ultraviolet ray. Local board face is infected with smear to should keep clear of in time carelessly. If have smeary, usable dishcloth dips in a few washing powder swab Wen Shuizhan. If medicaments or dye, if try before woodiness surface layer,must keep clear of in smear end ooze.
The floor avoids to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, once hot water is scattered on the floor, want to be wiped in time. Best every 3 months hit candle, before waxing, want to clear the besmirch of floor surface clean, often wax, what can retain a floor board is bright and clean degree, prolong the service life of the floor. Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not set too very hot thing in the floor, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture.
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