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Floor of coming real wood should notice the summer " 3 prevent "

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Waterproof: Real wood floor treats water changeful form summer is rainy season, rain waves to enter room outside wanting careful window. Live in the resident of ground floor, want careful and indoor cement floor to return water moisture. Using at ordinary times in the center, if do not take care to sprinkle water on the floor, must use delicate dishcloth wipe up in time, maintain the appearance dry.
Prevent bask in: Air temperature is exorbitant the calorific electric equipment such as rice cooker of electric stove, report is used in the room that if installing real wood floor board,quickens floor ageing, must have placed on the floor prevent light, prevent very hot mat layer, otherwise floor of easy and burnable wood, bring about a floor to be out of shape. Do not make a floor long expose additionally in sunshine insolate under, can quicken the ageing of the floor apparently otherwise.
Anti-fouling: Provide the dirt that copes with different bilge to go up to falling in the floor with coolie opportunely, if be of water-solubility, can take wet dishcloth wipe up directly. If be the bilge of the not easy purify such as greasepaint coating, want to choose appropriative cleaner according to the property of bilge.

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