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Beautiful floor is hit dried meat nurse if brightness is new

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Ventilated and pervious to light the most crucial
In bedroom cleanness, maintain air pure and fresh be the first. In the general cleaning before the section, we should maintain indoor light to reach airiness amply, open window and curtain as far as possible, make indoor light enough reach airiness. In addition, air purifier also has very good effect to pure and fresh and indoor air.
Dozen dried meat nurse if brightness is new
The place with family the largest area should belong to a floor. Nowadays, a lot of families are spread went up wooden floor. Clean wood floor, want to hold the basic principle that cannot rinse with water not only, what should notice divisional wood floor more is phyletic. For instance of aggrandizement wood floor clear relatively simple, cleaner of floor of a few appropriative can be joined in Cheng Manshui's pail, next mop water intrusion in, pigheaded after working, wipe on the floor can. If want to exterminate the bacterium on the floor thoroughly, after can clearing wooden floor basically clean, in the antiseptic of a few on floor surface gush, reoccupy twists dry clean mop to be wiped clean can.
And those who be like ground upper berth is real wood floor, need to add idea to nurse more. After the cleanness that finishing pair of real wood floors, must undertake waxing nursing to the floor with special wood floor wax or bright and clean agent. Conditional word, the proposal invites professional personage to carry out wax the program that nurse, can let real wood floor restore brightness to be like new position.

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