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Secondhand the room is decorated do not renovate old floor board blindly to want

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As secondhand the room warms up ceaselessly, secondhand the room is decorated become heat, floor face-lifting, stone material face-lifting decorate means also fire rise. Because the floor renovates cost petty gain, many secondhand room owner plan renovates the old floor board in the home entirely. But introduce according to the expert, the real wood floor board that only surface layer ply achieves 4 millimeter, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor and bamboo floor ability to undertake face-lifting. In addition, local face-lifting still can create the new old difference between the floor, accordingly, consumer cannot undertake face-lifting blindly to the floor.
Ply of floor surface layer has a demand
The floor is renovated even if through be opposite floor surface layer undertakes burnish, blow be bored with child, on lacquer, cerated polish, make old floor board restores to be like new. And buy floor photograph to compare afresh, old floor board got used to indoor environment, stability is better, it is a lot of cheaper that face-lifting cost also wants.
But introduce according to the expert, not all floor can undertake face-lifting. Aggrandizement floor surface has a 3 oxidation layer of 2 aluminous wear-resisting, face-lifting floor can destroy its wear-resisting layer, cause floor ageing aggravate, so aggrandizement floor cannot be renovated. The real wood floor board that only surface layer ply achieves 4 millimeter, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor and bamboo floor ability to undertake face-lifting. Because floor surface layer passes burnish hind several times, can be dropped by burnish 1, 2 millimeter, if floor surface layer is too thin, give intermediate layer with respect to meeting burnish, affect floor service life thereby.
The attention monitors face-lifting quality
Technical floor face-lifting company is at present very few, those who begin this professional work is much to protect clean company. Renovate quality to assure a floor, proposal consumer asks personnel of professional inspect manage to supervise construction.
Floor face-lifting cent is burnish, blow be bored with child, chromatically, on lacquer, cerated polish 5 measure. When burnish, burnish machine should ordinal use 40 eye, 80 eye and 120 purposes sand paper (eye number is larger, sand paper grain is less, the nick that burnish leaves is more unidentified show) burnish 3, blow be bored with next child make level floor, undertake to the floor lacquer or mix colors are handled going up again later. Because the grain of real wood surface layer is natural, cannot change design and color, can adjust only the depth of floor color.
All goods inside house should be moved before face-lifting, assure to go up dirt is not had completely inside Qi Shiwu. The floor needs to brush priming paint commonly, two faces lacquer. If the floor surface after burnish is imperfect still, be about to brush priming paint a few times more according to the circumstance. Lacquer does the ability after appearing completely to brush paint below one times. So floor face-lifting needs time 4 days commonly.
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