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Compound wood floor maintains appropriately in the home " hardheaded "

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In contemporary family adornment, the floor has become the home to install medium grand opera, how to choose correctly to suit oneself so, good in quality and cheap in price floor becomes the issue that a lot of person that buy a house care. And the floor board that has oneself to like, undoubted meeting makes its step more solid only beautiful world.
Say commonly, the commonly used floor in domestic adornment basically has complex formula floor and real wood floor board two kinds. Current, in the market compound floor basically has two kinds big: One kind is solid Mu Fu joins a floor board; Another kind is aggrandizement compound floor.
1) the category of compound floor
Solid Mu Fu adds up to the direct raw material of the floor to be lumber, retained the advantage of floor of natural fact wood, grain nature, the foot feels comfortable, but exterior wearability is not as compound as aggrandizement floor.
Aggrandizement is compound the base material of the floor basically is to use trail material, branch material and adhesive to pass certain production to craft is machined and be become. Level off of surface of this kind of floor, decorative pattern is orderly, wearability is strong, the base feels stronger, facilitate maintain.
2) the class of compound floor
Current, the class that solid Mu Fu joins a floor board is main according to surface layer ground attrib wattle tree is planted, decorative pattern and chromatism will distinguish. The tree of surface layer is planted material has been jumped over character, decorative pattern is more orderly, off color is less, the price is more expensive; Conversely, cultivate kind of material to jump over difference character, off color is bigger, exterior scar is more, class is lower, the price is lower. Consumer is when the choose and buy, should make clear the distinction between different class, remember what choosing the code of class, the code that packet of mount identifies when pick up the goods whether be identical.
3) compound floor wearability
Exterior wear-resisting is planted to each for the floor, it is a main index. Solid Mu Fu combines floor wear-resisting function relatively compound floor differs aggrandizement a bit, paint film wears away fast, use cycle is short, safeguard not easily. Because once grind,surface of this kind of floor decorates a layer,appear, lost beautiful effect, and cannot repair, use value was reduced greatly. Why is consumer choose and buy planted the compound floor of wearability, answer to decide according to oneself use condition and requirement, because often wearability is stronger, the price is relevant a few more expensive.
Generally speaking, wear-resisting revolution is in the compound floor of above of 5000 ~ 6000r/min, all suit to be used in the family
4) prevent formaldehyde inroad.

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