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The expert teachs you gist of care and maintenance of floor of Qiu Dong season

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The weather of Wuhan begins to become cool, as the advent of heating season, the Qiu Dong season of the floor maintains the problem places in everybody before. The expert warns a citizen, because weather is dry, to prevent floor break too big, while owner is enjoying warmth, answer to increase indoor air humidity appropriately.
   Humidity had better be controlled in 50%-60%
Winter climate is drier, want to increase humidity appropriately indoors, live to the person not only have profit, to the floor maintain also have very great help.
Many owner may think, winter lets the air outside come in, indoor temperature drops, the floor leaves seam phenomenal nature abate. To this, the expert expresses, the floor appears to come from humidity from seamed real reason, temperature of and rather than. Additional, air temperature is higher, saturated condition is hydrous more, that is to say the humidity inside winter house is opposite outdoor even some taller. This moment changes the cold air outside, can make only indoor drier, deploying an air humidifier is very direct and efficient way. The expert discloses, the humidity of the room had better be controlled in 50%-60% .
   Suddenly cold heat up pair of floors suddenly harm is great
In the process that heats in the floor, suddenly cold suddenly hot metropolis is caused to the floor damage. Expert proposal, successive wants in open of the heat of the earth's interior and the process that close, the promotes to be able to affect a floor with pelter suddenly service life of temperature. Use heating of the heat of the earth's interior for the first time, notice to answer slow warm up, if warm up too fast, the floor may produce craze twist because of expanding. "And heating of use terrestrial heat, upper temperature should not exceed 30 ℃ , the environmental temperature that right now room temperature suits most in human body 22 ℃ are the following, the service life of the floor also can get ensuring. " gas is calefacient that day, indoor when needing heating no longer, should notice to want to shut system of the heat of the earth's interior slowly, cannot pelter, affect the service life of the floor likewise otherwise.
   Hit solid candle to be able to reduce a floor to leave seam extent
Real wood floor won a lot of customer with the grain with natural itself, high durable performance love. But the user of heating of the heat of the earth's interior that has used real wood floor board may discover, through summer of a winter, the floor appeared interstitial. The expert expresses, want to solve this problem, consumer should hit solid candle to the floor. Because interior of real wood floor often puts the moisture content with stay certain, below the circumstance that warms up in winter terrestrial heat, the floor dehydrates contractive, between the floor from seam can increase. Right now, hit solid candle to the floor, can reduce from seam distensible extent.
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