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If the light of real wood floor that floor long life has subtle move to allow yo

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In the home if of the shop is real wood floor, if new, Shuxin is beautiful,ground of certain total hope keeps shining, want to prolong the service life of the floor through maintaining more. But because different floor workmanship is endless identical, have natural Qi Shi the cent of wooden floor and floor of oily candle real wood, decided conserve method thereby also not just the same, additionally the degree of blemish differred to also decide the technique of conserve is endless and same.
   Clean piece
No matter be floor of real wood of floor of natural lacquer real wood or oily candle, when daily cleanness, can keep clear of first with cleaner, reoccupy soft cloth dips in later on special cleaner or black piece diluent undertakes cleanness. To the cleanness of large area, can use spray or rotate clean machine undertakes. To floor of wood of natural Qi Shi, water does not have what advantage to it, redundant moisture content should reduce as far as possible when cleanness, when swabbing, must twist dishcloth dry. And floor of oily candle real wood wants eliminate black balata grind mark and other to cannot keep clear of with water corrupt mark can dip in with soft cloth alcohol of low pH indicator or a few liquor obliterate.
   Conserve piece
Floor of wood of natural Qi Shi: It is after floor cleanness is clean, should besmear an attenuant floor glazing agent. If the utilization rate of the floor is opposite frequent, can increase the concentration of glazing agent appropriately. Living room is usually OK every months of conserve, and a need such as the kitchen that often comes in and go out, sitting room is weekly undertake maintaining.
Floor of oily candle real wood: Clear the floor completely clean and keep dry, candle of one layer light oil goes up in floor surface besmear later, polish the floor with soft cloth and produce redundant oil stains erase in order to avoid bright spot. Had besmeared not rapid move uses the floor board of light oil candle, should be in evening nature airing.
   Anti-fouling piece
After be used for long through a paragraph, floor of natural lacquer real wood or floor of oily candle real wood can have the dirt that uses eliminate of common and clean method hard, different situation has different means of settlement.
Floor of wood of natural Qi Shi: Become because of a lot of scale when the floor clean hard, can mix with degreasing agent and the warm water of 25 ℃ , before use degreasing agent, the floor should undertake sufficient cleanness. Too serious to blemish floor, answer to drop the exterior burnish of real wood floor, go up afresh next lacquer, but this law should be as a last resort, because burnish can make necessarily,the floor attenuates.
Floor of oily candle real wood: The besmirch that if the floor appears,bedding face accumulates, can undertake handling with the burnish machine that fills up of dry soft polish, agree in order to maintain glossiness, but must besmear in floor surface light oil candle undertakes inside 4 hours, floor nature airing lets later 16, 24 hours.
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