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Good floor installation maintains outfit allowing the home does not have forbidd

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Wooden floor Cong Yongchi spreads shower all the way, through bedchamber, outspread all the time to sunshine gazebo. Bare is worn the foot goes by all the way so, have the feeling with stone material hard iciness no longer... such scene is not to appear in Hollywood is big in, however the true portraiture of real life.
Can be Mudebanye used so? Europe's most advanced production technology and maintain service, had elected wooden floor board close to more use field: Bathroom, swim dock of Chi Bian, open air, even airport port, large shopping centre flourishing public. Wooden floor with environmental protection, healthy, comfortable the praise highly that reachs simple sense to get increasing abroad top stylist. Of two countries of join flower law " European star " one of 4 big airports of port of St Pancras international, Europe dining-room of field of golf of Copenhagen International Airport, Holand is waited a moment, use wooden floor laid and become, through long-term use, still experience is long cover is new.
Allow wooden floor hard usage, experience is long cover is new the desire that is everybody, and should achieve above to desire criterion must be installed in the floor and maintain fluctuation time. Case of Jin Ying moxa and world's banner floor finishing and maintain service brand WOCA devotes oneself to to offer sterling and advanced Ou Shi to serve for you jointly. The major that is aimed at characteristic of different floor board maintains, the old floor board that no matter be long,did not do, just still spread the new floor board that installs, maintain coruscate for a long time first-rate impressions and simple sense.
Had made the floor board that conserve handles, can obliterate easily the black shoe that wears on the floor imprints, in the paint film that it won't pervade a floor, leave permanent smear; to had made the floor board that conserve handles, its surface more fight blow delimit, the floor that need not worry about you can be reflected adequately already by pet claw; the colour that lacquer face floor is full of bright administrative levels, can perfect the natural lumber that retains fat face floor board feels character, conduce to adjust indoor temperature humidity.
Floor first conserve time ends 3 days for shop outfit inside, find a place for before furniture two days undertake. The basis lives in use circumstance later, every 12 months should undertake conserve to 18 months. In be used of the floor daily, should maintain indoor temperature to be 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃ , first-rate air humidity is 45% ~ 65% , the attention avoids the light long-term illuminate.
Had strict floor to maintain measure, the customer that lets love a floor experiences the care that comes from nature to more in bath and cook area.
Exquisite take its natural course of floor installation Europe is peaceful
"3 minutes of products, install 7 minutes " , the durable degree of the floor depends on the discretion of floor installation level, and the service life of real wood floor more depend on the level that the shop holds. The Aigelangge that case of Jin Ying moxa introduces solely floor construction craft, solved traditional floor to install the worry that brings to people.
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