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The floor is seasonal tatty remedies simply

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A little while sunshine, a little while rainwater; Beyond the mark and damp, beyond the mark and dry... unpredicatable summertime weather, constant meeting plays bit " small disposition " , if wooden floor is contractive, board with board between aperture is increased; Metope and doorcase pledge because of phyletic and different capable person, shrinkage is different, occurrence aperture; Metope occurrence craze, these are the normal phenomena that in belonging to seasonal changeover, appear. If wall body, floor, furniture went out to nod minor accident, learn a few trick here can oneself are kept out.
   The first " consulting room " -- wall
Symptom 1: Paint film furrow
In hot weather besmear brushs paint, the dry rate that causes paint film surface layer very easily is a lot of rapidder than ground floor.
Not the film of solidify exposes the environment in excessive moisture medium, be in what be polluted apparently continue to besmear brush, at this moment if have dirt or oily shape thing, can create paint film appearance coarse, have furrow.
Help is to blow divide or surface of burnish base material, the coating with corrugate eliminate, recoat is brushed.
Symptom 2: Sunshine is basked in
Sunshine insolates, make very easily average coating wall system appears extensive is yellow become angry phenomenon, this is the result as a result of ultraviolet ageing and other material oxidation. To the illuminate with intense sunshine or the place that get pollution easily, proposal choosing appliance has fight ageing, be able to bear or endure the high grade emulsioni paint that bask in undertakes decorating.
Symptom 3: Water of window edge ooze
The cause with the commonnest water of window edge ooze is the sealing between window frame and wall body good without processing, encounter this kind of situation, owner should use fluid sealant only (general vitreous glue can) window frame and wall body sealed good OK. When making fluid sealant, must keep clear of thoroughly original fluid sealant.
   The 2nd " consulting room " -- floor
Symptom: Leach is out of shape
Now is monsoon, thundershower can arrive from time to time. The home is so medium when nobody, must remember closing good window. In this kind of damp weather, wooden floor expands extremely easily, be out of shape, have wriggle through the earth. How be wooden floor moistureproof?
Above all, should do more wax nurse. Should half an year perhaps hits candle one year, can make wooden floor avoids the descent of the humidity when monsoon so. Still can add a store in the surface moistureproof film, can spread the surface that is stuck at wooden floor, rise to prevent the action of be affected with damp be affected with damp of wooden floor surface. In addition, nursing at ordinary times also should notice not to let floor of damp infiltration wood when wooden floor. If swab the mop when the floor,should twist dry. When discovering wooden floor surface grew mildew spot, can blanch water downily in time with property with 1 ∶ the thinner ratio exemple of 3 is wiped, reoccupy dishcloth is wiped.
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