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Real wood floor needs fixed " protect skin " let a house restore to be like new

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The house of plain lady decorates a year many, the house still is bright Li Ruxin it seems that, however the floor lost the luster former days however, become dim without light.
According to expert introduction, luster is lost after the floor uses period of time now, besides floor oneself ageing, major reason still is to use maintain undeserved cause. When a lot of citizens are brushing a floor, know to use only pull cloth or dishcloth goes brushing, to the floor maintain not witting however. The floor also needs often " protect skin " .
General floor board has been done, the surface can keep a kind of oil, these grease but moistureproof. Grease can wear away gradually after passing period of time, the mobile metropolis that adds the attrition when people ambulates, furniture and article causes loss to the floor, brush a floor via commonly used water especially, can accelerate the ageing of the floor more.
According to introducing, no matter be compound wood floor or real wood floor, when cleanness very abstain from wipe directly with wet mop, ought to use woodiness floor board special cleaner undertakes cleanness, let a floor maintain natural primary colors, precautionary board is weather-shack. And undertake to the floor half an year waxes nurse, it is indispensable measure more.
In addition, special attention also wants when waxing floor juncture place.

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