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Open today autumn the floor decorates the market mysterious veil

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Autumn is the best season that decorate, appear on the market as building city bridal chamber of the quantity add try to reach the increase that handles person amount, decorate the market to begin vivid capriole to come again, a lot of domestic outfit companies are rolled out in succession dozen fold activity yielding benefit, building materials market also hang out the product plays the banner that fold, today autumn decorate popular trend, quite as more than change as burning hot summer photograph, author union interviews experience, open jointly with the reader today autumn decorate the market 10 guess greatly.
1, popular style: Contracted and pure and fresh, material is natural today autumn home house decorates popular trend already gradually southeast Asia style of You Liangli is changed to concise North America style, people likes more and more " mix oil " decorate, because of what have North America color quite " mix oil " decorate Qing Dynasty valve, Anacreontic, make the room appears connect fully, broad, and the color that mix oil is rich, can arrange indoor colour follow one's inclinationsly, will tell to consumer, this kind is decorated still can reduce cost greatly, economic material benefit. Natural material makes a favorite gradually. Wood of its Central Plains, without gorgeous colour, did not decorate too much, return material with instinctive quality, it is healthy fashionable choice really. Wood of the marble that is like natural stone material again, granite, maple, Ju, Qu Liu, these material come from at nature, also mirror instead it is with the person this, it is with nature this contemporary design concept.
2, the door covers a line: If you still are buying wood of black Walnut, cherry to make door window cover the line, line that stick horn quietly now,silver grey, white replaces log color, stop rapidly! People covers door window intentionally previously the line is done hyperbole and heavy and complicated, will distinguish with wall with this, present popular trend is: Cover door window as far as possible the line concealments, it is width narrow above all, the door window previously covers the line with line uneven popularity, the most popular now is flat. In colour respect, people can buy wood of black Walnut, cherry to do facing previously, after paint, brunet door window covers a line very marked in the home. Now, major stylist can cover door window the line designs white, more cruel of a bit is silver grey color. Need to do facing with common three-ply board only, lacquer is mixed on lacquer again can, cheap contemporary.
3, sauna board makes region of condole top, shop a naturalistic agitation from beginning to end dominant is worn orientaton of household illuminative tide, people hope enjoys a body in his home place is rural the fun like, very much outdoors plank began to be changed in doors. Shop of outdoors and anticorrosive floor is on the balcony, sauna board uses as the condole of toilet supports, the shop is on the ground of toilet, make original floor tile- paving tile and the toilet that appears iciness, curt, surround in what just regard the wood that sauna uses as the floor originally, the person of bath ases if place oneself is rural.
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