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Choose floor of cork of environmental protection wall paper to build individual

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Wall paper and floor are indoor the two big leading role that decorate, among them, environmental protection wall paper and cork floor make wall paper and floor board increasingly familial medium star.
Professional personage hints, if environmental protection wall paper and cork floor are applied appropriate, can follow one's inclinations the household style that builds an individuation.
   Environmental protection wall paper is to be bestowed favor on newly

Wall paper is contemporary family those who decorate is new bestow favor on, it not only rich and beautiful, durable, artistic touch, the life that still can give us brings Shu Xin and sweet sense, picking pair of wall paper is the key that promotes household grade and one's style of work as well as one's moral quality more.
Below the requirement of green environmental protection, people is higher and higher also to the requirement of wall paper. Wallpaper of new-style environmental protection wall is used pure the paper material with natural, little pollution and colophony of PVC of small in suspension, from production technology, craft is mixed use come up tell, PVC colophony does not contain the harmful component such as lead and benzene, compare with photograph of building materials of other chemical industry, wall paper is a kind when do not have noxiousness relatively.
Roll out market as all sorts of novel adornment, the breed of wall paper and colour also increasingly get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, phyletic and various.
The flowers series wall paper that with originating the ornamental design design of nature gives priority to, can bring a person a kind of sweet and intimate sense, build give a homefelt living space, get the welcome of city female.
A few lone white-collar the female sexes that had used environmental protection wall paper say so: "Who says single life can dress up the home with drab colour only? Is metope white only forever? Delicate and charming colour wall paper and distinctive furniture cooperate one case, can bring the emotional appeal that belongs a person to live all the same " .
Besides flowers series wall paper, still have relief sculpture of wood of bricky stone, bamboo additionally the owner alternative that the environmental protection wall paper of the series such as design of epispastic, abstract geometry can offer different need.
   Kiss intimate contact with cork floor

After busying one day, the first thing after a lot of people are excellent takes off shoe namely, change comfortable slipper, in also a lot of people like to be in the home, smooth foot walks. Accordingly, it is OK that domestic ground is divided outside tiling, more person tendency lays wooden floor.
In numerous wooden floor, cork floor is the cosset in the floor, cork floor has constant temperature property, because its internal composition shows beehive shape to arrange,be on one hand, gasbag was full of between span, on the other hand cork itself has low conductibility. Go on cork floor when the person, when double foot and ground surface contact, cork floor can suck crural ministry gently float above. Additional, cork floor has original place except indoor cacophony respect in filter, can eliminate noise to be able to reduce attrition again already, prolonged the service life of the floor thereby.
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