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The floor in the home how energy standard measure is reasonable buy

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  1, floor tile
Rough computational method:
÷ of room area area × of area of every floor tile (1 10%)= uses bricky measure (in type 10% it is to show addition loss is measured)
Accurate computational method:
(Brick of room length ÷ is long) × (brick of room width ÷ is wide) = uses bricky measure
In order to grow 5m, the room of wide 4m, use 400mm × 400mm
It is with the floor tile of norms exemple:
5m ÷ 0.4m=12.5 piece (take 13) 4m ÷ 0.4m=10 piece
10 = use 13 × bricky gross 130.
When purchasing, need to add loss amount additionally to make an appointment with 3%-5% .
   2, wall paper
Norms of common wall paper: Every grow 10m, wide 0.53m.
Cursory consideration method:
The gross area of wall paper of 3= of area area ×
The gross area ÷ of wall paper (a number of wall paper of 0.53m × 10)=
Accurate computational method:
The weight that actual height = uses room of every length ÷ counts wall paper
The width = of the circumference ÷ wall paper of the room uses the gross number of the unit
The heft that the gross of use unit counts ÷ to use an unit counts = to use a number of wall paper
Because wall paper norms is secured, because this is being calculated when its dosage, want to notice to use length actually of wall paper, should subtract with the actual height of the room normally the height of skirting board and top line. Additional, the weight that area of the door of the room, window also is using subtracts in number.
Method of this kind of calculation applies to the wall paper of plain coloured or finely flower. Of wall paper spell what pair of flowers should consider in sticking, pattern is older, loss is bigger, because this wants,buy more than actual dosage 10% the left and right sides.
   3, compound floor
Common standards: 1.2m × 0.19m
Rough computational method:
÷ of room area area (floor of × 105%= of 1.2m × 0.19m) piece several
Accurate computational method:
(Room length ÷ board long) × (room width ÷ board wide) = floor piece several
In order to grow 5m, the room of wide 4m is exemple:
4.17(of ≈ of 1.2m of ÷ of room long 5m piece) take 5(piece)
21.05(of ≈ of 0.19m of ÷ of room wide 4m piece) take 2l piece
With board gross: 5 × 21 =105 piece
Compound wood floor installs middling to be able to have the loss of 3%-5% in the shop, if will calculate with the area, must not ignore this part dosage.
   4, real wood floor
Common standards: 18mm of × of 90mm of × of 18mm of 18mm of × of 900mm × 90mm, × of 750mm × 90mm, 600mm
Rough computational method:
1.08= of × of every floor area uses ÷ of room area area floor piece number
Accurate computational method:
(Length of floor of room length ÷ ) × (width of floor of room width ÷ ) = uses floor piece number
In order to grow 5m, the room of wide 4m, choose floor board of standards of 18mm of × of 750mm × 90mm to be exemple:
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